March 20, 2017

Questions About Retirement, Cookbooks, REI, and More!

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to summaries of five or fewer words. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Upside-down on older vehicle 2. Buy house now or later? 3. REI annual dividend question 4. Common knowledge versus perspective 5. Parents without any retirement planning 6. A very hard choice 7. […]

5 Unexpected Costs of Political Activism

Protests are breaking out all over the U.S. these days. For frustrated Americans, taking part in a peaceful demonstration can help restore a sense of personal control. And protesting works. Not always, and sometimes not to the degree that people wish, but history is full of examples of how public... […]

Make These 5 Money Moves Before Applying for a Mortgage

Each year, millions of people apply for a mortgage and purchase a home. This, however, shouldn't convince you that getting a home loan is a piece of cake. In reality, a mortgage is one of the hardest loans to qualify for. But if you make these money moves before meeting with a lender, you can swing... […]

10 Things You Already Own That Can Be Turned Into a Tote Bag

Need a bag to carry your stuff around, but don't want to head to the store to buy one? No problem. You can make a sturdy tote by upcycling things you already own. It's possible to make a pretty awesome tote bag without spending any money at all. Here are 10 items that you can easily transform into... […]

Best Money Tips: Dumb, Costly Moves That Homebuyers Make

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on costly moves that homebuyers make, when to book the cheapest flights for the holidays, and easy ways to spring clean your home in a day. Top 5 Articles 7 Dumb and Costly Moves Homebuyers Make — For most people, a... […]

Beware These 5 Important Tax Changes for 2017

The U.S. tax code is constantly evolving. This means that each new year brings a slew of changes that taxpayers need to remember when filing their taxes. What changes to the tax code took place last year, and how will they impact your federal taxes this year? Tax and financial experts say that the... […]

401(k) Vesting: What It Is and Why It Matters

You’ve almost certainly heard that if you’re saving for retirement, taking full advantage of your 401(k) employer match should be your first step. That match represents an immediate 50% to 100% return on investment, which is better than anything you’ll find anywhere else. It’s the standard advice because it’s good advice. […]

Are Millionaires Smarter than Others?

Money asks if millionaires are smarter than the rest of us.  I changed the title of this post because I'm not one of the "rest of us". :) Anyway, here are their key thoughts: It does seem, in general, that smart people pull down fatter paychecks. […]

Best Deals for Monday 03/20

Link for teaser title: Hair Flat Iron 1 Inch Ceramic Hair Straightener Digital, SAVE as much as 84% OFF, and more... SAVE 92% OFF Luxury... […]