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Citi’s Student 2010 Holiday Promotion

Citi is starting a limited time promotional offer of a $50 statement credit after $50 in purchases on three of their student credit cards – the Citi mtvU Platinum Select Card, the Citi Dividend Platinum Select Card, and the Citi Forward Card. This is a $50 statement credit on top of the features the cards already offer. […]

What are Bank Stress Tests?

During the financial crisis, government officials often talked about performing “stress tests” on the financial institutions to see how they would fare if the financial crisis worsened. I didn’t really understand what they meant by “stress tests” because I didn’t see how you could do traditional stress testing, as you would on like a chair, on a bank. […]

Should You Walk Away from Your Mortgage?

A lot of people are “underwater” on their mortgages, that is the value of their home is below the amount they still owe on their mortgage. Other people simply can no longer afford their monthly mortgage payments and are on the verge of being foreclosed on. […]

Happy Turkey Day!

Today, all across America, families will be sitting down to enjoy their annual Thanksgiving feast of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and all the other yummy goodness that is our more gluttonous holiday. While you might think the focus is on the food, in reality it’s on the company. […]

2011 Retirement 401K, IRA, Roth IRA Contribution Limits

Every year around this time the IRS releases updated retirement contribution and tax bracket information for the coming year. We probably won’t see much by way of tax bracket information since Congress has its work cut out for it, but earlier this month they released contribution and deduction limits for retirement account contributions for 2011. […]

Check Credit Card Rewards Bonuses Before Shopping

When it comes to credit cards, I like to keep things simple. I only have three credit cards and each one is used for a very specific purpose. One is for when we eat at restaurants, go to the movies, or purchase something on (Citi mtvU). One is for everything else (American Express Costco TrueEarnings Card). For those keeping score at home, my third card is a business credit card. […]

Why You Should Convert IRAs in 2010

Can you believe it’s November already? As our thoughts go to preparing that gluttonous Thanksgiving meal and the feasts yet to come during the holidays, one thought you might want to spend a few cycles on is whether you want to convert your Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA in 2010, rather than 2011. […]

The Weekly Cinema Debacle & Group Buying

A lot of group buying sites like Groupon have been popping up all over the place. You have Groupon, LivingSocial, BuyWithMe, and a litany of others. You also have secondary markets for these vouchers too, a topic tackled by NYTimes Bucks blog. […]

Estate Tax

The estate tax has gotten a lot of press this year because, well, it doesn’t exist this year and Congress is set to discuss what they want to do with it, along with tax rates, in subsequent years. However, before we get into that, let’s get back to basics – what is the estate tax? The estate tax is a tax imposed on the transfer of an estate. […]

Your Take: Should Unemployment Benefits Be Extended Again?

Earlier this week CNN Money posted a story that pegged the bill for unemployment benefits at around $319 billion over the last three years. In those three years, the length of benefits has steadily increased to the now 99 weeks of unemployment benefits. Ninety-nine weeks is nearly two full years of unemployment benefits. […]