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What is a Bearer Bond?

Pick any action movie ever made and chances are someone is trying to steal a boatload of bearer bonds. My first introduction to them was in the Bruce Willis classic Die Hard but my favorite movie involving guns and bearer bonds was Heat. As a kid, all I knew was that bearer bonds were valuable. […]

Bank of America $75 MyAccess Checking Incentive Bonus

There’s a “special limited-time online offer” for Bank of America credit card holders (I put that in quotes because these promotions come and go all the time) when they open a MyAccess Checking account online. It’s an online only offer of $75 when you open a new MyAccess Checking account and make a qualifying deposit. […]

What is a Ten-Bagger?

I was reading my latest issue of the Motley Fool Stock Advisor when I saw them use a term I’ve always found entertaining – ten-bagger. The newsletter itself was talking about how Netflix has become a ten-bagger since David Gardner’s recommendation in 2004. […]

Pet Insurance Buys Peace of Mind

I’ve always said that I view insurance as protection against the catastrophic, not against the routine. It’s why I don’t have collision and comprehensive insurance on my car. So how does this change with pet insurance? Why do we have pet insurance on the little guy instead of self-insuring his health? I do this because I view Tobey as priceless. […]

What is a Qualified Dividend?

One of the things most taxpaying adults realize early on is that tax law is really confusing. Nothing is every straight-forward or simple, which is why most people fear doing their taxes even when it’s a “simple” two-page 1040-EZ form! For the longest time, I didn’t invest outside of my Roth IRA and 401(k) because I didn’t want to deal with the taxes (and I didn’t have much money to invest). […]

Your Take: Any Bargaineering Success Stories?

I received an email from Reader Danny the other day, after my post about Credit Karma catching an error before I did, thanking me for the post. Every few weeks I get an email thanking me because a post I wrote fixed a problem for them or revealed one they didn’t know existed. […]

Review: How Rich People Think by Steve Siebold

I didn’t know much about Steve Siebold before I received his book, How Rich People Think, but he’s a “mental toughness” couch who has written books about mental toughness, weight loss, and other “mind over body” type of subjects. […]

Treat Everyone At Work With Respect

It’s been a while since I’ve written about career, I think we fired off both barrels during Career Week 2009 last year. […]

How to Prepare for a Car Accident

If losing your job is one of the most traumatic financial disasters you can face, a car accident is a close second. […]

Bright Side of Lowered Home Values

A few weeks ago, two homes in my little neighborhood were put up for sale. We knew the owners of one of them, they were moving to Boston because the wife got into a graduate program at Harvard (we were sad to see them go), but the other was a stranger to us. […]