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Your Take: Your Best Fifteen Minute Financial Fix

Ron Lieber wrote a great piece this week in his Financial Tuneup column called “Take a Few Hours and Unlock Some Cash.” The basic gist of the article was that you probably have a to-do list of financial tasks that have been nagging you for quite some time. […]

Petroleum Engineering Tops List of Best Undergrad Degrees periodically updates their list of Best Undergrad College Degrees by Salary and earlier this year the list was led by Aerospace Engineering – rocket scientists. […]

How to Close a Dollar Savings Direct Account

As I slowly creep towards a simplified personal finance system, I take aim at an account that has treated me fairly well over the years – my Dollar Savings Direct high yield savings account. Dollar Savings Direct used to have extremely good rates back in the day but the years have not been kind to the online arm of the NY-based Emigrant Bank. […]

Sick Happens: How to Prepare for an Illness or Injury

This latest guest post is part of our Financial Contingency Plan series and is written by none other than Donna Freedman, so please give her a kind Bargaineering welcome! How many sick days do you have? Five? Assuming you have any at all. Maybe you’ll never need them. But one good case of the flu in January and you’re out of luck for the rest of the year. […]

How Credit Karma Caught a Credit Report Error Before I Did

I’ve been a fan of Credit Karma for about as long as they’ve been around. It’s a cornerstone of my DIY identity theft protection strategy because it lets me view my TransUnion credit score for free about as often as I want to. I usually check once a month and it lets me see if my score has made any significant changes. […]

Avoid These Financial Products

When I was younger, I remember Consumer Reports was the authority on reviews of household appliances, cars, and all the other major purchases in our lives. In the ensuing decade, where I stopped paying attention (known as high school and college), they’ve expanded to include reviews on basically everything. […]

University Pre-Tax Parking Deduction Benefit

The best kind of benefit is a fringe benefit, right? As it turns out, the IRS has a guide for Federal, State, and Local Governments (FSLG) governing the tax rules of fringe benefits and the reporting of fringe benefits! We ran into this the other day as my lovely wife was signing up for a parking pass at her school. As a graduate student, she’s technically faculty and an employee. […]

Is A Balance Transfer Worth It?

In the last few years, I’ve received a lot of balance transfer emails as people were looking for an edge in battling their credit card debt. […]

Your Take: Bush Era Income Tax Cuts

Despite what you feel about President Obama, you have to appreciate the sheer amount of work he’s managed to get Congress to do in the few years he’s been in office. […]

High Interest Alternatives to Savings Accounts

Right now, the best savings account rates aren’t even 2% APY. They’re so low that even those people who are earning nothing, 0%, have very little incentive to move their money! If Bank of America is paying you 0.10% in your savings account, and an online bank is offering 1.50%, do you know how much more money you’d earn if you moved $1,000 over? You wouldn’t even make fifteen bucks more. […]