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PageOnce Review: Mobile Money Management

PageOnce is a personal finance management tool and one of the companies I met at Finovate Fall 2010. I think one of the reasons why I hadn’t heard of them before is because I don’t have a “smart” phone. […]

Three Solutions to Expiring Bush Tax Cuts

As you may have heard, the Bush tax cuts are set to expire on December 31st and the executive and legislative branches have been floating ideas on how to best resolve them. […]

Roundup: Wedding Season Over?

As this article posts we should be on our way home from Pittsburgh after the last wedding of the 2010 wedding season. We’ve seen a lot of our friends pair up this year, with a few pairs still scheduled for next year, and it’s been a lot of fun celebrating but draining because of all the travel. […]

Your Take: Your Best Money Tip for Young Professionals?

This morning I broke from routine and posted a book review about Kim Palmer’s Generation Earn, rather than going with my typical Friday morning Your Take post. her book was being released today and I thought it would dovetail nicely into a mid-morning Your Take asking you for your best money tip for young professionals. My best money tip for young professionals is to enjoy yourself. […]

Review: Generation Earn by Kimberly Palmer

One of the big complaints in the world of personal finance is the lack of personal finance education in school. We teach our young people the basic concepts of math in high school but we fail to show how it applies in real life. […]

ING Direct Debit Card 1% Cashback Promotion

ING Direct is offering a 1% cashback promotion on their Electric Orange debit card for purchases under $50 from now until November 30th. This applies to the card even if you use it as a credit card (signature based purchase). It’s not often that a debit card offers 1% cashback. If you already have the card, you don’t have to do anything because the promotion is activated automatically. […]

How to Report a Scam

We just spent the last three days going over some of the more popular internet scams out there and today we’re going to do something about it. One of the difficult parts about reporting scams is that there are so many scammers! It can feel like you’re fighting against the tide… the tide will keep coming no matter what you do. […]

Paying Fees for Guaranteed Loan or Credit Cards

There are very few things in this world that I know for certain – New York sports teams will always be near the top of payroll lists and there’s no such thing as a guaranteed loan or a guaranteed credit card. So when I read about this scam, the scam sirens were going off like crazy in my head. […]

5 Smart Ways to Use Debt to Improve Your Life

Kimberly Palmer is the author of Generation Earn: The Young Professional’s Guide to Spending, Investing, and Giving Back, which was published by Ten Speed Press this week. The following post has been adapted from the book. She’s also the author of the Alpha Consumer blog at, where she’ll be hosting book giveaways all week. […]

Work At Home Scams

With so many people out of work, “Work at Home” type of scams are probably on the rise as people scramble to replace incomes they lost when their companies downsized. […]