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New 2011 Form 1099-K

Back in college, I used to sell all sorts of things on eBay for a little extra cash. Two of the more legitimate things I sold were John Deere hats, made popular by Ashton Kutcher and his Punk’d show, and Washington Wizards Michael Jordan jerseys, made popular when Jordan made his brief return to the NBA. […]

What is the Best Roth IRA Broker?

Every week I get at least one email from a reader asking me which broker is the “best” for their Roth IRA. The number of emails jumps exponentially after the new year and, fortunately, falls after April 15th! You have until April 15th, 2011 to decide if and how much you will contribute to your Roth IRA for 2010. […]

Average Years of Retirement by Country

I love reading statistics (I hate compiling them or drawing statistically significant conclusions, I prefer to make up stuff that sounds feasible) and so when I was introduced to this table of average years of retirement by country, I wanted to know more. […]

How to Prepare for a Car Breakdown

You get into your car, cup of coffee in hand, and mentally prepare yourself for the grueling day ahead. As you turn the key in the ignition, it clicks. Then nothing. […]

Your Take: Is Your Recession Over?

The National Bureau of Economic Research issued a report earlier this week in which they said the economic recession, that started in December 2007, ended in June 2009, 18 months later. It was the longest recession since World War 2 (1973-1975 and 1981-1982, both 16 months) and that any new economic downturn would be a new recession. […]

Dynamics Inc. Card 2.0: Multi-Use Secured Credit Cards

One of the biggest misconceptions about credit card security is that the sensitive information is located on the front of the card. While your card number, your name, and its expiration date are important bits of information, the magnetic strip contains that information and more. Dynamics Inc. […]

Best Sites to Trade in Used Video Games

Surprise! I enjoy video games. That makes me just like one of the many millions of, mostly male, gamers who spend countless hours each year in front of a television or computer monitor trying to blow the heads off other, mostly male, gamers trying to do the same thing. In the last few years, I’ve noticed a pattern to the games that I buy and play. […]

Economists Recommend Extending Bush Tax Cuts

CNN Money surveyed 31 economists for their economic forecasts and asked what they would recommend Congress doing about the expiration of the Bush tax cuts. From a list, eighteen of the thirty-one chose to extend the tax cuts for everyone, not just those outside the two top tax brackets. […]

Over-The-Counter Not Eligible for Flexible Spending Accounts in 2011

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act signed by President Obama in March made a bunch of major changes to health care in America and one of them was to flexible spending accounts. Starting in 2011, over-the-counter products will not be eligible for flexible spending accounts. […]

You Don’t Have to Invest in the Stock Market

The recent economic apocalypse (it’s been going on for long I’m running out of ways to say it without repeating myself!) has a lot of people re-evaluating how much they want to keep invested in the stock market. […]