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Where to Spend $1 Coins

The US Mint’s $1 Direct Ship program is back with several options (Native American, Golden Dollars with Sacagawea, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, George Washington and Andrew Jackson), meaning you can bust through some of those cash back tiers by purchasing money. […]

Chase Checking $100 Cash Bonus Coupon

Chase has been offering $100 bonuses for new checking accounts every month like clockwork. If you need a Chase checking account, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t take advantage of free money. […]

How to Recover A Stolen Identity

Having your identity stolen is one of the most jarring things that can happen to you and your financial life. It’s difficult in part because of the uncertainty – how it was stolen, where it was stolen, how much of your financial life has been compromised, and the unknown of what the thief could be doing with your name. […]

Your Take: Is Homeownership the American Dream?

My parents came to the United States because it was the land of opportunity. It was a place where you could, on the basis of your abilities and hard work, make a good life for yourself and your family. It isn’t a utopia, it’s far from it, but it’s a lot better than a lot of other places in the world. […]

How to Harvest Growing Herbs

Last week, I wrote about how to dry fresh herbs in preparation for when our garden shuts down for the season. Today, I’m going to explain what we do to harvest our growing herbs so we are able to get maximum herbage out of each one (yes, herbage is a real word but when I wrote it I thought I was making up a new word!). How you harvest the herbs will vary from plant to plan. […]

South Shore Savings Bank – 3.69% APY Rewards Checking, $200 Bonus

Reward checking accounts have grown in popularity as everyone is looking for a way to earn a little extra cash as safely as possible. Here’s a refresher on how they work – You earn a higher rate of interest if you make a minimum number of debit cards per statement period (usually 10+) and opt for paperless statements and online banking. […]

The Five Minute Rule

There’s an old adage in investing that doesn’t get enough appreciation or attention – “If you don’t understand the thesis underlying an investment in five minutes or less, take a pass.” I only recently read it in a summary of a talk given by Vanguard CEO Bill McNabb at the Morningstar Investment Conference in June and the quote is attributed to Richard Ennis of the pension consulting firm Ennis, K […]

How to Recover From a Stolen Credit Card

If you’ve prepared for losing your wallet, recovering from losing just one credit card is actually quite simple. What’s not as simple is discovering when you’ve actually lost a single card. In our current age of electronic commerce, it’s very easy to “lose” your credit card without actually losing the card. Card skimmers can steal your credit card’s data without you ever knowing it. […]

Building Your Financial Bug Out Bag

It’s the middle of the night and you’re dreaming of a weekend in Paris when your peaceful dream is abruptly interrupted by the screech of a fire alarm. It takes you a second to smell it in the air but it’s unmistakable, something is burning. Now. […]

How to Recover From a Lost Wallet

In this inaugural post to the Financial Contingency Plan series, I want to discuss one of the most common financial disasters – losing your wallet. Whether you carry a money clip, an actual wallet, or an entire purse, losing it is one of the most demoralizing financial events that can happen to a person. […]