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Financial Contingency Plan Series

I’m sure you’ll agree – the best time to plan for a disaster is before it strikes. That’s why, during the Cold War, people built bomb shelters before the bombs actually struck. […]

Roundup: Electric and Hybrid Cars

GM announced this week that the Chevrolet Volt’s battery will be guaranteed for 100,000 miles or eight years. That’s a long time to warranty anything, let alone a lithium-ion battery that is expected to power the car for up to 40 miles (more than other gas/electric hybrids). […]

Your Take: Completely Useless in Financial Life

Earlier this week I read about TD Bank’s new entirely flat debit cards on the Consumerist. TD Bank will be issuing debit cards that no longer feature embossed text (letters that stick out), the face of the card will be completely flat. The embossed text made sense when “swiping” a card referred to the machines that rubbed the numbers onto a piece of carbon paper. […]

Bank Error In Your Favor? No Such Thing!

Do you know what happens when the bank makes an error in you favor? Only one thing – headaches. If you ever check your balance and notice that you received a mysterious windfall, do yourself a favor and call your bank. Tell them that a mysterious deposit just appeared on your account and that it’s not yours, they need to investigate, and resolve it quickly. […]

New Lighting Facts Label

I’m a big proponent of compact flourescent light bulbs because they use less energy, last longer, and are better for the environment when disposed of properly. […]

Beware Dividend Reinvestment When Selling Stocks

It’s probably no surprise that in the last year I’ve been buying some blue chip companies with a solid history of dividends. […]

Free Amazon Prime for Students

A few years ago, when Amazon first debuted their Amazon Prime program, I thought it was never going to take off. While I don’t know how many people have signed up, I’ve only tried it a few times and I still don’t get why someone would pay $79 for two day shipping when it’s free for 3-9 day shipping. […]

The Maes & Macs: Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, Ginnie Mae, and Sallie Mae

With the recent news of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae being delisted from the NYSE and relegated to the OTC market, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the four entities that share similar names. […]

No Law Requires Acceptance of US Currency

Take any bill out of your wallet, notice the little “Federal Reserve Note” written in the ribbon at the top of the bill? […]

Coverdell Education Savings Account Tax Break Expiring

The Coverdell Education Savings Account, or Coverdell ESA, is the education version of a Roth IRA. You get to make annual non-deductible contributions, like a Roth IRA, and withdrawals are tax-free if you meet certain requirements. […]