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SunTrust $150 Billpay Promotion Bonus

With the economy recovering, banks are starting to roll out their new account promotions where you can earn a little bit of money to change banks. The offers are usually in the $100 – $200 range, and usually require a direct deposit and some bill payments before the bonus is paid. […]

How to Dispute a Credit Card Charge

Last month, I went to a Trader Joe’s to buy a package of coffee filters. For whatever reason, their packages of unbleached cone filters are always remarkably cheaper than anywhere else, despite Trader Joe’s higher end reputation. On this particular trip, there was some sort of technical problem with the register. […]

ING Direct Electric Orange $50 Bonus Promotion

ING Direct is offering a $50 bonus for new Electric Orange checking account customers (who make 3 signature based debit transactions in 45 days) and has been for what seems like the last year. You are eligible if you already have their high yield savings account, which makes it especially sweet if you’ve kept one of these lying around in the hopes ING Direct’s rates become more competitive. […]

TurboTax Tax Year 2009 Review

Last week, Rich Preece, Director of Product Management for TurboTax, gave me a quick run through the new features of TurboTax for the 2009 tax year. Since I haven’t been using TurboTax to prepare my returns (I use an accountant because of the business), I wanted someone at TurboTax to walk me through the features that were different from last year. […]

Dividend Champions

If being a Dividend Aristocrat wasn’t enough, I recently stumbled upon the idea of a Dividend Champion. The Dividend Champions list was an idea created by George Smyth and published monthly on his DRiP Investing Resource Center site. […]

5 Lessons from the DC/Baltimore Snowpocalypse

Not sure if you heard about the snow in the Baltimore/DC area but we got a slammed with over 40 inches of snow on two different occasions over the course of a week. Schools were closed for the entire week, mail service was spotty, and the area came to a grinding halt for about a week. […]

Credit CARD Act of 2009 Guide: How It Affects Us

Last year, you probably read a lot in the news about the Credit CARD Act of 2009 and how it had credit card companies running for the hills. There were stories about how issuers were going to start implementing annual fees, cut back on reward programs, and how the credit card industry was going to get rocked. […]

How to Avoid Credit Card Minimum Annual Purchases Fees

As we wrote about it last year, credit card issuers are instituting annual fees they are willing to refund if you make enough purchases in a year. The first issuer to start doing this is Citibank and recently sent notices out to cardholders about the $60 fee starting April 1st. If cardholders spend $2400 in a twelve month period, the fee will be waived. […]

Use Your Financial Map to Architect Bank Account Changes

Last November, Citibank announced that anyone without an average balance of at least $1,500, by February 1st, in their combined accounts would have to pay a monthly fee or be subject to per-check charges. That didn’t sit well with people who had just signed up for EZ Checking, which is supposed to be free. […]

What is the Average Tax Refund?

I discovered this slick looking infographic on early filers from TurboTax just this past weekend and was surprised by a few of the statistics they discovered. I was surprised that the average tax refund was $2,869 (seems high doesn’t it?) and that nearly a quarter of them make under $25,000. […]