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Roundup: Hot Hot Heat and How to Stay Cool

It’s been insanely hot this past week as the thermometer has routinely broken 100 degrees in the Baltimore Washington area. We’ve been fortunate in that we live in an area where blackouts and brownouts, even as air conditioners are running full blast, are rare but the temperatures have just been unbearable. […]

Your Take: Would You Raise Your Own Food?

After reading a New York Times story about raising your own rabbits and then listening to an NPR show on raising your own chickens in your backyard for food, I jokingly told my lovely wife that I’d be setting up an area in our backyard for our new petting zoo. […]

Share Expenses with Neighbors

We live in a townhouse with about 30 square feet of lawn. Seriously, it’s like a little patch in front of our house and about four square feet is taken up by this unidentifiable tree (it’s not unidentifiable by anyone, just me). So when our lawnmower kicked the bucket and one of my neighbors left his up at a cottage several hundred miles away, we chipped in to buy one from […]

2011 Income Tax Rates Prediction

We talked about how capital gains taxes will increase in 2011 (and how dividends will be taxed as ordinary income in 2011 too), but we haven’t talked much about the tax brackets themselves. Normally, in the fall, we go through the exercise of calculating the tax brackets once we know the inflation figures. […]

USPS Considering Stamp Price Increase

The United States Postal Service proposed an increase to the price of sending a letter through first-class mail by two cents, to 46 cents. The USPS would also increase, correspondingly, the prices of all other shipping like Priority and Express mail service. […]

Gift Tax

Did you know that if you get someone a gift, you are responsible for paying income tax on that gift? Yep, it’s known as the gift tax. Fortunately, there’s an annual exclusion involved. […]

Fourth of July Roundup

I hope you and yours have a fun and relaxing 4th of July weekend. For those outside the United States, I hope you have a fun and relaxing 4th of July weekend that has absolutely no historical significance to you (unless you’re in England, in which case sorry about that). […]

Oregon Bans Credit History Checks by Employers

The Oregon Legislative Assembly has passed House Bill 1045, which would prohibit the use of credit history for use in employment purposes (it was actually signed by the governor in late March). In other words, employers in Oregon cannot use the information they collect in a credit report to make am employment decision such as hiring, firing, or demoting an employee. […]

Your Take: What Would You Never Buy Used?

What’s the easiest way to save money on your purchases? Buy it used. I picked up golf this year and when it came time to buy new (to me) equipment, I relied on Craigslist and the used section of the local Golf Galaxy. Golf is a difficult enough sport, the last thing I needed to do was make it both difficult and expensive. So I purchased my irons used and my hybrids used. […]