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ProtectMyID Review

A few months ago, I wrote a LifeLock review in which I broke down their services and tried to figure out if the service was worth it. My conclusion was that the service was comprehensive but outside of the $1M guarantee, didn’t offer anything you couldn’t do yourself (do it yourself identity protection covers what you can do). […]

BVC #19: Get Towed Twice A Year

Taking calculated risks and not being afraid to fail is a hallmark of every successful person. You know this, I know this, but it’s difficult to translate that into our every day life. […]

What Tax Bracket Am I In?

A lot of people have been reaching Bargaineering because they asked: “What tax bracket am I in?” So, to solve this problem and to redirect people from other pages to this one, I’ve decided to offer up this simple to use calculator. Enter your pre-tax, post-deduction (after your 401k contributions and medical expenses) salary and click “What bracket am I in?” The calculator will spit out the margin […]

5 Tips for Getting Ahead in College

Jim has covered the fundamentals and offered great tips on what to do before you start working after college. I figured I would chime in with my thoughts on how college students can get ahead of their peers by the time graduation day rolls around. This is not textbook theory; I have used these tips myself. […]

How Virtual Office Tools Can Increase Productivity & Save Money

Editor’s Note: I’ve been looking at a lot of office productivity tools lately, like internet faxing, and I knew one of the guys associated with Toktumi, one of the leaders in the home office PBX space. […]

Credit Cards Requiring Minimum Annual Purchases

The recently enacted credit card laws are having some unintended consequences. Just as many places reported, credit card companies are now turning to other “innovative” ways to drum up revenue – one of those silly unintended consequences. It turns out, some are now requiring that you make a minimum amount in purchases a year to avoid an annual fee. […]

How Much Is A Gold Ingot Bar Worth?

I was watching the pilot of Royal Pains, a television show about a doctor who gets fired and, through a bit of luck and opportunism, opens up shop to the rich and famous of the Hamptons. […]

How Debt Management Programs Work

A few weeks ago, I discussed How Debt Settlement Works, and today I wanted to talk about another debt related topic – debt management programs or debt management plans. A debt management program is similar to debt settlement in that you pay a third party who will, after taking their fee, pay your creditors. […]

Review: The 1-2-3 Money Plan by Gregory Karp

The 1-2-3 Money Plan by Gregory Karp is a book that seeks to provide practical and specific financial advice that anyone can use – it says so on the back! Published by Finantial Times Press, this book seeks to help you establish a structure to your personal finances and give you a process you can follow to get you on track. About Gregory Karp First, who is Gregory Karp? […]

Your Take: Your Favorite Vacation?

We’ve all shared our dream vacations, but what is your favorite vacation? What’s a place you absolutely love going to? For me, my favorite vacation has to be to Hawaii (one of the reasons I’m a huge fan of my friend Sheila’s blog, it’s an almost daily reminder of how beautiful and awesome the 50th state is). My wife and I went there for our honeymoon a year and a half ago. […]