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How to Close an HSBC Online Savings Account

In another move to simplify my personal finances, I closed my HSBC online savings account today. At the current interest rate of 1.45% APY, it was in the bottom half of the online banks listed on my high yield savings account rates table; simply not worth keeping around anymore. HSBC Account Closing Process Closing the HSBC online savings account was simple. […]

Are Online Savings Accounts Worth It?

My friend asked me the other day whether I thought high yield savings accounts were worth it. He’s an engineer and a numbers guy at heart, so he appreciates the mathematical differences between an online savings account and your standard no-interest checking account. […]

PFBlogger Spotlight: Jason of Frugal Dad

I’ve decided to bring back an oldie but goodie, the personal finance blogger spotlight interview series. Long time readers of Bargaineering will recognize the PFBlogger Spotlight series as I’ve interviewed quite a few bloggers in the last few years. […]

Do What’s Financially Right For You

After my ABC News Now interview a few months ago, the cameraman, Chris, asked me a quick credit question. He told me that his goal for the year was to pay down debt, a laudable goal, in my opinion. Paying down debt, after you’ve saved for an emergency fund, is the best thing you can do for your finances. […]

How to Eat Healthy on $10 a Day

This is a guest post from Vic Magary of Vic helps everyday people like you to build muscle and lose fat with short, but intense circuit training and strength training workouts Eating on a budget is no easy task. You could eat at Mcdonald’s 3 times a day and probably stay under $10 but is that really want you want to do? […]

Four Money Mistakes You Might Not Realize You’re Making

One of the biggest challenges in almost anything you do is knowing where your blind spots are. In simpler terms, you don’t know what you don’t know. So today, I’ll point out four money mistakes you might be making that you don’t even realize you’re making! Hopefully, you’re making none of them. If you are making one of these, don’t beat yourself over it. […]

Happy Labor Day!

I want to wish everyone a happy Labor Day! I hope you’ve had the opportunity to spend some time with friends and family, away from the rush of work or the concerns of money, and really enjoy the important things in life. I did a little research on the origins of Labor Day and according to Wikipedia the holiday originated in Canada. […]

Pro-Saving Initiatives: Convert Sick & Vacation Days to 401(k), Auto-enroll Retirement Plans

To say that I was surprised to hear about the recent pro-saving initiatives announced by President Obama today would be an understatement. In the last year, the government has been taking steps to stimulate the economy. To stimulate the economy, you need people to spend money. One of the slickest ways to do that is to reduce the incentive to save, or reduce interest rates. […]

Your Take: Legalize Organ Trafficking?

There’s been a lot of buzz in the news lately on the issue of organ trafficking. While this CNN story wasn’t the first time I heard Nick Rosen’s story of selling a kidney for $20,000, it is certainly a sign that the discussion of selling organs is coming back into the spotlight. The story of Rosen probably isn’t all that different from other people who have sold organs. […]

Lending Club 250,000th Lender $2,500 Giveaway

Email Newsletter subscribers will already know this (you should sign up if you haven’t already, you get a couple free eBooks!) but Lending Club is running a promotion this September where you could win $2,500 if you are Lending Club’s 250,000th subscriber. Click here to sign up and if you are the 250,000th registered investor, you win $2,500. […]