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SmartyPig Review

Not too long ago, when SmartyPig first debuted, I complained about how high SmartyPig’s fees were. I wasn’t the only one and shortly thereafter, they dropped many of those fees and restructured their program a bit. I think it’s a testament to their openness to feedback and willingness to adapt to their customer’s needs. So what exactly is SmartyPig? […]

4 Eco-Tips For A Wonderful New Year

As the New Year kicks off to a start many of us are taking the opportunity to take stock, examine and make changes. For many this can be somewhat of a painful process. […]

First Beg, Then Borrow, Then Buy

When we needed to replace the tile floor in our master bathroom, we went to Home Depot to buy all the necessary supplies. The hardest part about replacing a tile floor is cutting the tiles! You can buy an inexpensive tool that you can use to score and snap tile, but I found that it failed miserably (I wasted half a dozen tiles). That’s why they invented the wet ceramic tile saw! The solution? […]

Watch Out for New Credit Card Fees

With the Credit Card Act of 2009 looming, its rules will go into effect in February, credit card companies are starting to institute more fees ahead of the rules changes. A new Wall Street Journal article cites several of these new fees including $1 processing fees for printed statements, reduction in rewards programs, and fees for inactive accounts. […]

Buying a House with Redfin Experience

For the last few months, my wife and I have batted around the idea of buying a new home. There’s nothing wrong with our current home but we’d really like a place that had some character to it. A place that was slightly bigger and one that wasn’t quite cookie-cutter (we’re in a townhome now, so we’re identical to everything around us). […]

Why I Dislike Real Estate as an Investment

There are two parts to any investment – cash flow and equity appreciation. Cash flow refers to how much money the investment generates and equity appreciation is how much the investment itself grows in value. […]

Opt Out of Credit Card Internal Marketing

We recently received a new Privacy Notice from Citi for 2009, which looked a lot like this online form, and never really appreciated how marketing happens behind the scenes. […]

Career Comeback by Lisa Johnson Mandell

Career Comeback by Lisa Johnson Mandell is a career book designed to help the older job seeker freshen up their resume and avoid age discrimination. If the same sounds a little familiar, it’s because Mandell was the subject of a very popular WSJ article on Botoxing Your Resume back in mid 2008. […]

Your Take: Your New Year’s Resolution?

Two days ago I wrote a post about how to set a New Year’s Resolution you can keep and today I want to know what your resolution for 2010 is going to be! Mine? I plan on taking half of our emergency fund and committing it to the stock market in individual company holdings. […]

Consider Moving Your Money to Local Banks

This past weekend my wife and I went home to New York to visit my parents and my visiting relatives for the holidays. My parents recently moved within spitting distance of Port Jefferson, a cute little “village” that features a ferry and lots of restaurants and small boutique shops. My parents have been saying that the recession has really hurt the area and it’s most visible in the shops. […]