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Do CD Rates Rise Before Bank Failures?

When Washington Mutual collapsed about a year ago, it was offering an eye-popping 5% interest rate on certificate of deposits when its competitors were offering half that. Everyone knew that WaMu was in trouble and we all ran into the open arms of the 5% CD because it was FDIC insured. Were we right in thinking the higher rate a good indicator of a bank’s weakness? Perhaps. […]

Tax Return Filing Deadline

It’s September 15th, do you know where your tax return is? (please laugh or it’ll be uncomfortably quiet in here) If you filed your taxes on April 15th, you can ignore this post. If you requested a tax filing extension, let this be a reminder that your tax return will be due in exactly one month. […]

10 Tips to a Kick Ass Resume

A few years ago, when unemployment was low and the economy was rosy, all you needed to do to get a job was get your resume in front of as many people as possible. You had to carpet bomb, stuff electronic resume boxes, and simply wait. […]

The New Rules for Mortgages by Dale Robyn Siegel

When I was first approached to do a review of The New Rules for Mortgages by Dale Robyn Siegel, I was eager to get my hands on the book because of all the stories I had heard about how getting a mortgage today was much harder than it was a few years ago. Three years ago, you could get a loan based on thin air because the mortgage company could sell it to an even bigger sucker down the road. […]

Keep & Update Your Home Inventory

Do you keep a home inventory? When was the last time you update it? If the answer was “no” or “last year,” it’s time you thought about keeping or updating your home inventory. […]

Always Check Your Credit Card Statements

Last month I explained the importance of reviewing your finances regularly. Today, I want to amend that post and warn that you need to check your credit card statements every single month. […]

Your Take: Your First Job?

You never forget your first job, right? At the age of 15, you can’t legally work in New York yet unless you jumped through all these hoops to get a work permit. It was this stupid little green card that said you would only work during certain hours of the day, the total number of hours per week couldn’t exceed some number, and was a really big pain in the butt to get. […]

How to Close an HSBC Online Savings Account

In another move to simplify my personal finances, I closed my HSBC online savings account today. At the current interest rate of 1.45% APY, it was in the bottom half of the online banks listed on my high yield savings account rates table; simply not worth keeping around anymore. HSBC Account Closing Process Closing the HSBC online savings account was simple. […]

Are Online Savings Accounts Worth It?

My friend asked me the other day whether I thought high yield savings accounts were worth it. He’s an engineer and a numbers guy at heart, so he appreciates the mathematical differences between an online savings account and your standard no-interest checking account. […]

PFBlogger Spotlight: Jason of Frugal Dad

I’ve decided to bring back an oldie but goodie, the personal finance blogger spotlight interview series. Long time readers of Bargaineering will recognize the PFBlogger Spotlight series as I’ve interviewed quite a few bloggers in the last few years. […]