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What To Do With Underwater Stock Options?

My wife has a whole mess of underwater options with her company, issued before the economy took a nosedive, and was looking to see what her options (ha ha) were. She’ll be leaving her company in early July, to pursue graduate school in her field, and so she’ll only have sixty days after her last day to exercise the options. For the shares that are profitable, it’s a no brainer: exercise and sell. […]

WTDirect $150 Account Promotion Bonus

WTDirect is offering a cash bonus of up to $150 depending on how much you deposit initially. $150 bonus for $50,000 balance $100 bonus for $40,000 balance $75 bonus for $30,000 balance $50 bonus for $20,000 balance $25 bonus for $10,000 balance In terms of interest rates, WTDirect is within reach of the top spot but not quite. […]

Incremental Simplification of Your Finances

This morning, I explained how you could do a hard reset of your financial life. In a hard reset, you start from scratch and then mold your financial map until it fits that ideal financial map. […]

How to Hard Reset Your Financial Life

We have twelve bank accounts. You read that correctly, we have twelve accounts. Ally Bank, FNBO Direct, ING Direct, HSBC Direct, Bank of America, M&T Bank, … the list goes on. We also have a dozen credit cards. Citi, Discover, Capital One, … again, the list goes on. We have so many accounts because we’ve slowly acquired them over the course of the last ten years. […]

Plan Z: How to Survive the 2009 Financial Crisis [FREE]

I recently had the opportunity to write a preface to Robert Pagliarini’s ebook on surviving the 2009 financial crisis, titled Plan Z: How to Survive the 2009 Financial Crisis. […]

My Wife Quit Her Job

Yesterday, my wife quit her job of nearly four years in the middle of the worst economic recession in many many decades. Wait, that’s probably not framed in the best way. How about this: Yesterday, my wife quit her job of nearly four years to pursue a doctorate at the University of Maryland. Better? Either way, neither one of us has a “traditional” job. […]

Organic Beauty & Cosmetics – Where Do I Begin?

Is it easy being green? The question that comes up most frequently from women who want to make healthier and eco-friendly choices in the makeup aisle is: “Where in the world do I begin?” It’s easy to simply hunt for the perfect new shade of lipstick. But when you stop and think about what is actually in that lipstick, it can be very scary indeed. […]

Bank CD Rates

How much money do you have sitting in a savings account? $500? $1,000? Do you have plans for that money? If not, it should be in a certificate of deposit at your bank. If your bank doesn’t offer good CD rates, then you should open a CD with an online bank and take advantage of their better interest rates. If you don’t think you have enough money, you’re wrong. […]

5 Things to Do Before You Start Working

If you’re graduated in May (congrats!), I recommend reading David Griner’s post about five things he’d do if he were graduating in May. […]

Forget Cashback Rewards, Go Cash

I was in New York a few weekends ago and saw that gas stations listed two prices for fuel, one if you paid in cash and the other if you paid in credit. The credit price was a little over 2% higher than the cash price ($2.49 vs. $2.44) and it was clear that you paid the lower price for paying cash. […]