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Buying A Prius Is An Emotional Decision

Have you seen all the Toyota Prius commercials lately? The ones with the people dressed up as foliage and climbing on top of one another? It was to highlight how “green” the vehicles are and announce that Prius was launching another generation of the hugely popular hybrid-electric. At first, my wife didn’t even realize they were people and I, to this day, think it’s just a little bit creepy. […]

Credit Karma Review

I can’t believe I’ve been using Credit Karma all these months and never wrote up a quick review of the service! I’ve written reviews about their credit score report card, but never about the entire service. […]

Easy Budgeting for Non-Budgeters

Budgeting isn’t fun. Very few people look forward to tracking all of their purchases, cutting back when they’ve overspent, and adjusting their budget from month to month to meet changing conditions. However, it’s a necessary chore, like cleaning your house or apartment, that you should do because it’s good for your financial health. […]

Your Take: What Is Your Dream Job?

With the economy pretty much sucking, despite “green shoots”, I thought it would be fun to completely ignore it and turn towards the fanciful. I want to know – what is your dream job? If nothing were off the table, what would you, beyond all other things, like to be doing? Is it finding a cure for a currently incurable disease? […]

Be Successful by Learning Delayed Gratification

What if I told you that delayed gratification was the most important factors of success? I bet you’d probably believe that it was plausible, but probably not likely. […]

BVC #16: Introduction to Envelope Budgeting

Here’s a little video discussing the ins and outs of envelope budgeting, how it’s done (at a basic level), why you might want to consider it, and my thoughts on its effectiveness. […]

$2.11 Million Lunch Bill: Historical Look at Lunch with Warren Buffett

Today marks the day that Zhao Danyang, winner of the 2008 Warren Buffett charity lunch, will be dining with the Oracle of Omaha at Smith & Wollensky steakhouse. […]

How Debt Settlement Works

Everything I’ve ever read about debt settlement has been extremely negative and, for the most part, ugly. It’s because debt settlement is designed for people in very dire circumstances. A friend of mine recently got into the debt settlement business since he was working with a lot of individuals in weak financial situations. […]

Ally Bank Application Review

Two weeks ago, I applied for an account at Ally Bank, the new rebranded name for GMAC Bank. […]

Review: The Options Playbook

Stock options is something that has always both intrigued me and confused me. Fortunately, I’ve become friends with some people over at TradeKing and one of them sent me a copy of The Option’s Playbook, written by their Senior Options Analyst Brian Overby . […]