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Your Take: What Are Your July 4th Plans?

Tomorrow is July 4th. Independence Day. A day most often spent outdoors, with friends, playing games and having an old fashioned cookout. My wife and I will be spending the day at our friend’s house, playing games and having an old fashioned cookout; then going up to their rooftop deck to watch the fireworks in the Baltimore harbor. Hopefully the weather holds up! […]

Stupid-Proof Budgeting

One of the first things you will hear from anyone who is helping you with your finances is about budgeting. A budget is usually the difference between someone who has their finances under control and someone who doesn’t. […]

Adjust Your W-4 Withholdings

Over two years ago, one of the first Devil’s Advocate posts I wrote was that you shouldn’t adjust with your payroll deductions. Back then, as it is now, conventional personal finance advice told you to adjust your withholding so that you don’t have too much tax withheld from your paycheck. How do you adjust your withholdings? […]

What to Expect in Traffic Court

I had the great pleasure of going to traffic court this morning. Yay! I was there to contest a ticket I received for making an improper left turn through a red light. The ticket was for $90 and I’m unsure how many points it would’ve been, but an improper turn costs 1 point and failure to stop at a red is 2 points. Do I get both? Or just the worse of the two? […]

A Simple Guide to Surviving Unemployment

You just lost your job; now what? The instinctive path is to hit the newspapers and job boards, flooding resumes out to potential employers who might give you a chance. You might follow that activity by contacting recruiting firms to enlist them in your search. […]

What is the Average Credit Score?

Have you ever been curious what the average credit score is? We know that the FICO credit score range goes from 300 to 850 with a good credit score being up above 750, but what is the average credit score? […]

No-Penalty CD (Certificates of Deposit) Rates

Ally Bank was the first online bank to offer a no-penalty certificate of deposit and now it appears that the idea is catching on. Discover Bank will announce tomorrow that they are making their 12 month CD a no-penalty CD, where you can withdraw your funds should you involuntarily lose your job. […]

Best Options Broker Review

As you may have read in my review of The Options Playbook, I’ve started to get interested in trading stock options. As has been the case with everything I try, I do a lot of research first and then I dive right in. As my dad always said, you learn in the classroom or you learn on the street. Learning on the street is always more expensive. I prefer the classroom. […]

Buying A Prius Is An Emotional Decision

Have you seen all the Toyota Prius commercials lately? The ones with the people dressed up as foliage and climbing on top of one another? It was to highlight how “green” the vehicles are and announce that Prius was launching another generation of the hugely popular hybrid-electric. At first, my wife didn’t even realize they were people and I, to this day, think it’s just a little bit creepy. […]

Credit Karma Review

I can’t believe I’ve been using Credit Karma all these months and never wrote up a quick review of the service! I’ve written reviews about their credit score report card, but never about the entire service. […]