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5 Reasons You Should Go Paperless

Earth Day was a few weeks ago, April 22nd, for some, but for many Earth Day is every day. Despite what you feel about recycling or renewable fuels, there’s one thing that every person should be able to agree on - the fewer resources you consume, the better. It’s better on the world, it’s better on your wallet, and it’s better for your children. […]

What Is A Good Credit Score?

Ever wonder what a good credit score is? You can check your score at a variety of places that offer free FICO credit scores but how do you really know whether your score is good or bad? Is a 700 good? Or do you need an 800? How’s a 600? I think it comes down to what you plan on doing with that number. (If this post looks familiar, it’s because it was originally published earlier this year. […]

Properly Destroy A Credit Card

Do you know why credit cards have an expiration date? In the beginning, it was because a credit card had a limited useful lifespan. After a few years, the magnetic stripe on the back would either get demagnetized or damaged so much that it was unreadable. It wasn’t until later that the expiration date was used as a security feature. […]

Getting Out of Debt by Ken Clark

It looks like the Complete Idiot’s Guide franchise has expanded into the personal finance world with their latest offering, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Getting Out of Debt by Ken Clark. […]

Bargaineering Email Newsletter

I’m happy to unveil a new feature - an email newsletter! (and a new giveaway!) So what do you get when you sign up for the email newsletter? You’ll get an eBook containing 100 easy ways to save money. With the recession in full force, we’re all looking to save some money on the things we don’t care about so that we can spend it on the things we do. […]

Your Take: Should Students Get Credit Cards?

One of the big debates in personal finance is whether a college student should get a credit card. On one side you have people who believe that credit cards are evil, credit cards prey on the financially weak, and credit cards will bleed you dry. […]

April 2009 Roundup: Finances, Food & Fun

Starting this month I’ll be doing a monthly roundup of some posts I found particular entertaining, interesting, or informative. […]

Southwest Freedom Awards Permit Mileage Dilution

Mileage dilution is when an airline starts asking for more miles for the same ticket. What used to cost 30,000 frequent flier miles would then cost 35,000 miles. It’s a bit like inflation, secret stealing pennies out of your wallet. I always proudly proclaimed that Southwest doesn’t play those games, it’s 16 credits for a flight and a one-way flight is worth a credit. […]

How To Get An Experian Credit Score

In February this year, Experian did something that “shocked” the credit score enthusiasts world (yes, such a world exists and they have a very vibrant and very knowledgeable community in the myFICO forums): they announced that they would no longer be offering Experian credit scores to myFICO users. […]

BVC #10 - Psychological Money Games

If there’s nothing else you learn about personal finance, remember that it’s more about psychology than it is about numbers. You don’t go over your credit limit because you don’t know how to add, you go over because you either don’t know you’re that close or you don’t care. […]