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BVC #13: Financial Snatchfile

I talked about how long we were keeping financial documents in the last Bargaineering VideoCast and in it I alluded to this video, which I recorded immediately afterwards. This video is about our financial snatchfile, a red accordion file folder that contains all of our important documents. […]

Buying Discount Postage Stamps

Did you know that you can buy postage stamps at a discount? It’s 100% legitimate and there’s nothing unethical or dishonest about it. Stamp collectors often buy collections at a discount and sell all the non-collection quality stamps at a discount to be rid of them. You can buy postage stamps at a discount by buying these non-collection quality stamps from them. […]

Is College Worth the Cost of Tuition? Yes.

Earlier this year I finished writing an article in which I tried to find the salary breakeven point for private vs. public college graduates, a task that was impossible because I couldn’t find enough publicly available information at the time. I was trying to figure out whether college was “worth it” and if so, whether public or private college was a better value. […]

Average Net Worth of an American Family

Do you know what the average net worth is in the United States? Every three years the Federal Reserve Board does a survey of consumer finances, which looks at a wealth of financial information, including income and net worth. […]

Don’t Check Your Score Every Day

The conventional wisdom is that you should check your credit reports at least once a year and your score only when you need it. […]

Monitor Your Credit Score All The Time

The conventional wisdom is that you should check your credit reports at least once a year and your score only when you need it. However, with services like MyFICO and Credit Karma, checking your credit score “all the time” has become just as cheap as checking it infrequently once a year. Credit Karma is 100% free and they give you a TransUnion credit score using TransUnion data. […]

Five Life Lessons My Dog Has Taught Me

My wife and I rescued a wonderful seven and a half year old beagle named Tobey a few months ago. In that time, this little guy has really grown on me. He sleeps while I work, he follows me on walks, and has a pretty cushy life that I’m greatly envious of. However, he’s taught me a lot about life in general. People have often asked us, why did we rescue an older dog? […]

Ally Bank Review

In mid-May, GMAC Bank changed its name to Ally Bank. With General Motors in the news every day for something negative, it’s hard to do business when everyone thinks you’re about to go out of business. The funny thing about it all is that GMAC Bank’s parent company, GMAC Financial, hasn’t been a part of General Motors for several years. […]

$250 Social Security Stimulus Check

I’ve been getting a lot of emails lately about the $250 Social Security stimulus check so I thought a post would be the best way to answer all of your questions. If you’re wondering where your $250 Social Security stimulus check is, wait until June 4th before trying to contact the Social Security Administration. […]

Lowest Foreign Transaction Fee

In a couple months, my wife and I will be taking an extended vacation to Europe. […]