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BVC #9 - Last Minute Tax Tip (Roth IRA)

It’s April 15th, it’s getting late, and chances are you’re done with your taxes or getting ready to send it in. Here’s the best last minute tax tip you could possible get and you have until midnight tonight to get it done. The law on contributions is that electronic transfers would have to be received by April 15th but checks only need to be post-marked by the 15th. […]

Computer Training Software Roundup: Basic vs. Domain-Specific Packages

With the weak economy and everyone feeling like their job, if they still have one, is in peril, people are trying to add to their skill set and make themselves a more productive and valuable employee. They’re augmenting themselves, not their résumé. If you’re one of these people, you’ve probably considered taking some courses or preparing for exams so you can get additional certifications. […]

Cut the Cable: Ways to Save Money on Television and Movies

In today’s world, the cost of entertainment is high. However, it is also one of the things people are still willing to spend money on. A television, for example, is nearly seen as a necessity in American households. Did you know, though, that there are ways to watch television shows and movies without paying for cable or satellite service? […]

Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees

This series “12 Things Every Teenager Needs To Know About Money (And How To Teach Them)” is a community blog experience. […]

BVC #8 - How to Start An Emergency Fund

There are so many sites that are happy to give you strategies to get the most out of your emergency fund or how to best save for your emergency fund, but the simplest and quickest way to give yourself a cushion is revealed in this minute and a half video. […]

Tax Filing Procrastination is Expensive!

Did you know that forty million people don’t file their taxes until the very last week (April 8th to 15th) before the tax filing deadline? I was astounded when I read that statistic. When you consider the average 2008 tax refund will be around $2,975, that’s $119,000,000,000 in refunds sitting in the Treasury until the very last minute. […]

Consumer Reports America’s Best Brokers

On The Money, the personal finance show on CNBC hosted by Carmen Wong Ulrich, recently had a little web extra spotlighting Consumer Report’s list of best brokers. […]

Do You Need An Adult Allowance?

When you hear the word budget - how does it make you feel? For some of us, budgeting is a welcome concept we employ with great success in our financial lives. But what about you? Do you feel constrained by the idea of budgeting - like it does not allow you to have any fun? Do you hear the word budget and inwardly cringe, and feel sorry for those who live by their budget? […]

Coupled Finances on the Personal Finance Hour

Please join us tonight (6PM Eastern, 3PM Pacific) on the Personal Finance Hour as JD and I discuss coupled finances. Many of you weighed in on the subject last Friday in the Your Take post on Coupled Finances (thank you!), and we’ll be using many of your points as discussion points during the show. […]