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You Don’t Have To Be The Best

Do you play a sport? My favorite sport to play is basketball. There’s something about hearing the ball swish through the net that brings a smile to my face. There’s something about threading that perfect pass that makes me just a little bit giddy. Oh and setting a good solid pick to get my guy free? Love that too. […]

2008-2009 Best Home Value Remodeling Projects

Every year, Remodeling Magazine publishes a list of home projects, their estimated costs, their resale values, and how much you can expect to recoup whenever you sell your home. […]

2011 Sales Tax Holiday Schedule

Who loves taxes? No one! So it’s no surprise that sales tax holidays are popular with most people. Several years ago, only a few states took part in a holiday on sales tax. Over the years, more and more states have taken the plunge (or at the very least discussed the idea – it’s hard for a politician to vote against a sales tax holiday) and consumers absolutely love them. […]

Free Personal Finance eBook from The Simple Dollar

A few years ago, Trent of The Simple Dollar wrote a post in which he boiled down all the salient points of personal finance onto five business cards. […]

Money Tips Network

A couple months ago, Will and Greg at Wisebread asked me if I’d be interested in joining a new blog network they were creating, later to be dubbed the Money Tips Network. I’m a big fan of the work they do at Wisebread and so I was eager to join them on a project. […]

Become a Bargaineering Member!

The eagle eyed among you may have noticed a slight change to the top of the screen, there’s a little login screen! That’s right, you will now be able to register an account at Bargaineering for free (like everything else on Bargaineering!). Why would you want to register an account? There are several reasons. […]

Your Take: Taking Two Down The Aisle

A guest post on Techcrunch back in March talked about an idea I’ve never heard of - “taking two down the aisle.” In the guest post, Larry Chiang, founder of Duck9 and regular blogger for Business Week, is talking about organization events as a way to gain exposure and network. […]

The Cost of Filing for Bankruptcy

This morning I wrote about the different types of individual bankruptcy but I didn’t discuss how much they cost. Yep, even if you don’t have any money left and want to file for bankruptcy, there are costs involved! There are costs involved because bankruptcy involves the courts and the employees of the court have to get paid! […]

Types of Individual Bankruptcy

Despite being in a recession, I haven’t seen a lot of personal bankruptcy stories. Many businesses are folding and personal bankruptcies have increased, but the mainstream media hasn’t published many sensational articles spotlighting a remarkable spike in bankruptcies. Does that mean it’s on the horizon? […]

50 Fun Facts About Debt

Debt. Some see it as a tool to be used to help them improve their financial situation. Some see it as a temptation to get more than you should be allowed to. And some see it was an insidious monster lurking around the corner, waiting for you to slip and make a mistake. Some see it as something the never want to touch. Today we’re not going to talk about any of that stuff. […]