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Win $100 from Lending Club

Lending Club is doing it again, they’re giving away a hundred bucks to one lucky reader! How can you beat that? (two hundred bucks? hint hint!) For those that aren’t familiar with Lending Club, they’re a social lending network. Investors can join and invest in 3-year loans, with Lending Club handling all the interest payments, at interest rates far superior to what banks offer. […]

Comparing Fixed Annuities & Certificates of Deposit

When I first opened up my Vanguard account a few years ago, I requested all sorts of fancy investment brochures. I had just started Bargaineering and had a voracious appetite for financial information and fancy words like annuities, in all their flavors, really intrigued me because I had never heard of them. […]

How To Make Smart Tax-Advantaged Investment Decisions

You can avoid costly mistakes if you understand the difference between tax-advantaged investments and tax-advantaged accounts. What are tax-advantaged investments? Investments that people make specifically because of the tax advantages they provide are referred to as tax-advantaged investments. In fact, if not for the tax advantages, most people would not buy those particular investments. […]

FICO Credit Score Range

If you ask anyone who knows much about credit scores, there’s one thing that most people know - the FICO credit score range goes from 300 to 850. The lowest possible FICO score you can get is a 300 and a perfect, albeit unrealistic and unnecessary, score is 850. However, knowing the range alone doesn’t really tell you much. You need to understand the “texture” of that range. […]

Take Control of Your Financial Situation

This article is part of the series, The Summer of George- The Most Productive Summer a College Student Will Ever Have. Do you think that you don’t earn enough money have to worry about managing your finances? If so you are dead wrong. If you get into the habit of properly managing your finances at an early age then these habits will hopefully follow you into your 30s and so on. […]

Your Take: What Are You Worried About Now?

I think it’s safe to say that we’re knee deep into a Recession. In February, I had the great fortune of being on American Public Media’s Marketplace Money with Tess Vigeland, Lynnae of and Steve at Back then, we didn’t know if we were going to be in a recession but everyone pretty much believed we were well on our way. Here’s what I said: JIM: It’s been crazy. […]

BVC #11 - Drawing Your Cashflowchart

I’m so glad that my video on financial network maps was so well received that I thought I’d share another one of the charts we use in our financial planning. It’s not a very complex idea and if you have five minutes you can hear me explain it on the whiteboard. If this video looks familiar to you, it’s because I emailed all the newsletter subscribers an early release of the video. […]

How Secured Credit Cards Work

I’ve been reading a lot of credit and credit scores lately because a lot of people are focusing on cleaning up their personal finances during this recession. For folks to have no credit or poor credit, rebuilding or building up your can be difficult and expensive. If you can’t get unsecured credit to establish your history, the next best option is to get secured credit. […]

You Don’t Have To Be The Best

Do you play a sport? My favorite sport to play is basketball. There’s something about hearing the ball swish through the net that brings a smile to my face. There’s something about threading that perfect pass that makes me just a little bit giddy. Oh and setting a good solid pick to get my guy free? Love that too. […]

2008-2009 Best Home Value Remodeling Projects

Every year, Remodeling Magazine publishes a list of home projects, their estimated costs, their resale values, and how much you can expect to recoup whenever you sell your home. […]