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Feel like it’s time to intervene in a friend’s finances? Read this first

Kristin WongSometimes, it’s hard not to be a money know-it-all. You witness a friend making terrible money decisions, and you just want to grab them by the collar and say, Dude. You’re doing it all wrong! Talking about money isn’t easy. It’s also not easy to see a friend become overwhelmed by their finances because of [...]Feel like it’s time to intervene in a friend’s finances? […]

Why saving money is for idiots

Virgil.TexasThese days it seems you can’t surf the Web without running into some self-proclaimed “finance guru” peddling easy, painless answers for complex money problems. These shysters are always going on about “saving money” and “planning for the future” while your bank account gets drained buying their expensive ebooks and PDFs. […]

Pros and cons of the new myRA

Claes BellThe best thing about the awkwardly named “myRA” (indistinguishable from “Myra” for Google’s algorithms, which is fun) recently unveiled by President Barack Obama is that it may be a sign Washington is seriously worried about our retirement. They should be. […]

Can saving cyclically help you put away more?

Kristin WongYou probably have lofty goals and high hopes for your financial future. Forget about them. New research suggests that, when it comes to saving, a cyclical mindset trumps linear, goal-oriented thinking. People tend to save more money when they think about the present instead of the future, researchers found. […]

Is finding love online easier if you’re rich?

Claes BellIt’s fair to say America is obsessed with “gold diggers.” From Anna Nicole Smith to Kevin Federline to whoever Kanye was rapping about on his triple-platinum single, we have a long tradition of assuming that having enough money attracts members of the opposite sex like, well, miners to the Yukon. But does having money really [...]Is finding love online easier if you’re rich? […]

Most try to avoid it, but for some, debt can be a real turn-on

John EganDebt is a depressing subject for lots of us. And it’s no wonder: Total U.S consumer debt in the U.S. exceeds $3 trillion — that’s trillion, not million or billion. But while it’s a major downer for most people, there is a subculture of people that find debt — well, exciting. […]

Valentine’s Day Cheapskate Contest

Michele BermanIt’s almost that time. With all that pink and red displayed in every store and jewelry commercials on heavy rotation on every channel, anyone with a significant other can feel their wallets cringing in fear at the approach of Valentine’s Day. So what is it this year? Chocolates? Flowers? A teddy bear with a heart? […]

Valentine’s Day Cheapskate Contest Official Rules

Michele BermanValentine’s Day Cheapskate Contest Official Rules No Purchase Necessary to Enter or Win Open Only to Legal United States Residents Void in Rhode Island, Puerto Rico and Where Prohibited by Law PRIZE: Subject to the provisions of these Official Rules, during the Promotion Period (as defined below) of the “ Valentine’s Day Contest” (the “Promotion“), [...]Valentine’s D […]

‘Multilevel marketing’ schemes like Herbalife, Amway and Juice Plus are bullshit and here’s why

Claes BellYou probably know someone (or multiple people if you’re particularly unlucky) who has tried to sell you so-called “multilevel marketing” products such as Herbalife, Amway, Juice Plus, Avon, Mona Vie, Vemma or Arbonne. […]

5 money lessons from ‘Full House’

Alana.ModlinThe catchy theme song, the red front door, the music that hinted you were about to learn an important life lesson … “Full House” fans remember it all. Here are five money lessons you may not realize the TGIF classic taught you that could have your wallet saying “You got it dude!” 1. […]