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How to make the clothes you got for Christmas last at least until next year

Kristin WongIt’s a good bet you ended up with some new threads under the tree this year. Clothing was the fifth most popular Christmas gift this holiday season, ahead of video games, jewelry and even alcohol, according to  a report by Nielsen. […]

How to return a terrible gift without letting the giver know how much you hated it

Claes BellAmericans will spend an average of $737.95 each on the holidays this year, according to research from the National Retail Federation, and a substantial portion of that will no doubt be spent by very nice people — with the best of intentions — on truly terrible gifts. […]

Want to help a food bank? Give cash, not food

Claes BellYou wouldn’t go into the Red Cross and bring them a jumbo pack of bandages, right? You wouldn’t drive over to the Cancer Research Institute and offer to give them some of your leftover science, right? But plenty of people will drive up to a food bank this holiday season and just drop off a [...]Want to help a food bank? […]

Walmart price-matching enthusiast banned for life, but you should try price-matching anyway

Claes BellThere is a right way and a wrong way to price match. The right way involves showing up prepared with valid prices from competitors and walking out with a great deal. The wrong way involves showing up with an expired circular and going on a profanity-laced tirade that gets you arrested. […]

Is it cheaper to commute by motorcycle?

Holden.LewisI ride a motorcycle everywhere. I commute on it (daily, year-round, rain or shine, in South Florida), run errands on it. Heck, I’ve even brought home 7-foot Christmas trees on my bike. Yet I still own a car — a 2000 Jetta that I haven’t driven in about six weeks. If you ignore the costs [...]Is it cheaper to commute by motorcycle? […]

5 steps to punch a denied health insurance claim in the face

Kristin WongHealth insurers are in business to make money, and one way they can increase profits is denying claims. And they do. A lot. About 200 million health insurance claims are denied annually, according to the AARP. While that might be great for insurers’ shareholders, it sucks for patients. […]

UK man pays $735 for a photo of an Xbox One, or why I don’t use eBay

Claes BellEver disregard a few little words in an eBay description and lose hundreds of dollars? No, me either. But one UK man did. A19-year-old Briton bid $735 for what he thought was a Day One edition Xbox One for his young son for Christmas. […]

What to do when you realize there’s no way in hell you can pay your student loans

Kristin WongEver feel like there’s no way you’ll ever pay back your student loans, even if you work 80 hours a week and never paid a dime to anyone but Sallie Mae? Or sell off your organs one-by-one on the black market? Or … well you get the idea. […]

Are must-have Christmas gifts getting more expensive?

Claes BellIt seems like the one constant around the holidays is people complaining about how spoiled kids are today, and how out-of-control holiday costs have become. But are the gifts we give kids really that much more expensive than the ones you’d find under the tree back in the “good old days”? What got me wondering [...]Are must-have Christmas gifts getting more expensive? […]

Can you own a pet in a big city without going broke?

Alissa FleckWhen I first adopted my cat one year ago from the rescue group with which I was volunteering in Manhattan, I naively believed, beyond basic necessities, she’d be relatively low-cost. It turns out the “basic necessities” of pet ownership equate to approximately those of raising an actual human child. […]