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Can you really heat a room for 15 cents a day worth of tea lights?

Alissa FleckThere’s a video making the rounds on social media about a “hack” for home heating that seems like it should be huge news to cheapskates the world over, especially given the hellacious polar vortex that’s covered much of the United States in snow and ice this winter. In the video, which was actually published in [...]Can you really heat a room for 15 cents a day worth of tea lights? […]

5 Chinese New Year traditions for attracting wealth

Kristin WongSun nin fai lok!  On Friday, China rang in the New Year. It’s officially the Year of the Horse. Across many cultures, a new year represents the possibility of building wealth, health and prosperity. While the Western world makes New Year’s resolutions, Eastern tradition is focused on what most Westerners would call, well, crazy superstition. […]

Michaels offers handy DIY solutions for customers exposed in possible data breach

Claes BellAnother week, another retailer announcing a possible data breach that could compromise customer data and expose them to the risk of financial fraud. A few weeks ago, it was Target, then Neiman Marcus (who, like Target, is offering free identity theft protection for a year). […]

Concierge medicine provides options ahead of Obamacare deadline

Alissa FleckThere are just over 2 months to go until the March 31 deadline to sign up for health insurance under Obamacare, and not everyone is sold on purchasing the kind of comprehensive and often pricey plans offered in the insurance exchanges set up under the law. […]

Your electric bill: so much Billshit, so little time

Kristin WongSince October, I’ve spent only about $25 a month on electricity. Impressive, eh? Well, maybe I shouldn’t toot my own horn quite so loudly. Because last summer, I spent an average of $130 a month on electricity. Since then I’ve made an effort to reduce my energy usage, and it looks like it paid off. […]

Before you renovate that place you’re renting, don’t forget to pick up some Bad Idea jeans

Claes BellThere’s a classic “Saturday Night Live” ad parody called “Bad Idea Jeans” where a bunch of 30-something white guys wearing stonewashed dad jeans (with a “bad idea” label, of course) stand around talking nonchalantly about a bunch of really dumb things they have planned. […]

This is why you’re broke, Whole Paycheck edition

Alyson.CaseyI try to be frugal with my meager fellowship earnings while I finish grad school — I really do. But at the same time I want to eat healthy, and this is why I’m broke. It’s much easier to eat healthy at the grocery store than at the fast food places around campus. […]