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UK man pays $735 for a photo of an Xbox One, or why I don’t use eBay

Claes BellEver disregard a few little words in an eBay description and lose hundreds of dollars? No, me either. But one UK man did. A19-year-old Briton bid $735 for what he thought was a Day One edition Xbox One for his young son for Christmas. […]

What to do when you realize there’s no way in hell you can pay your student loans

Kristin WongEver feel like there’s no way you’ll ever pay back your student loans, even if you work 80 hours a week and never paid a dime to anyone but Sallie Mae? Or sell off your organs one-by-one on the black market? Or … well you get the idea. […]

Are must-have Christmas gifts getting more expensive?

Claes BellIt seems like the one constant around the holidays is people complaining about how spoiled kids are today, and how out-of-control holiday costs have become. But are the gifts we give kids really that much more expensive than the ones you’d find under the tree back in the “good old days”? What got me wondering [...]Are must-have Christmas gifts getting more expensive? […]

Can you own a pet in a big city without going broke?

Alissa FleckWhen I first adopted my cat one year ago from the rescue group with which I was volunteering in Manhattan, I naively believed, beyond basic necessities, she’d be relatively low-cost. It turns out the “basic necessities” of pet ownership equate to approximately those of raising an actual human child. […]

Good investing habits that make your primitive ape brain hurt

Claes BellBy almost any measure, the average American is pretty terrible at investing. Between 1993 and 2012, individual investors earned an average annual return of 2.3 percent, according to a study by DALBAR, a financial services market research firm. […]

What do rappers invest in? Judging by their lyrics, gold and deposits

Claes BellRap Genius, a one-stop shop for annotated rap lyrics, released a tool that allows you to search their entire archive of rap lyrics for certain words or phrases. Being the type of person who looks to rap for insights on finance, the first thing I did was plug in different types of investments to see [...]What do rappers invest in? […]

Sock-of-the-month club a cool new way to squander money, dignity

Claes BellIf you’ve got a hundo burning a hole in your pocket and are looking for the dumbest possible way to spend it, have I got a deal for you. A sock-of-the-month club is a subscription service for socks, and yes it is a real thing that exists. […]

Asked to donate at the register? Feel free to say ‘bah humbug’

Claes BellEver experience “donation shaming”? It’s a common practice, especially during the holidays, for cashiers at grocery stores and big box retailers to ask you if you want to donate a few dollars to a charity along with your purchase. “I’d like to say no. I spent twenty minutes clipping coupons to save $5 and now [...]Asked to donate at the register? […]

Big banks consider charging for deposits, are probably bluffing

Claes BellWhat if banks gave you a negative interest rate, actually charging for deposits, rather than paying interest? That’s what some banks are contemplating if the Federal Reserve stops paying them .25 percent interest on the gigantic reserves they hold at the central bank. […]

How to make the most of your wedding registry

Miranda MarquitRegistering for wedding gifts can be a lot of fun. I remember the heady feeling that accompanied wielding the scanner gun. Choosing your own wedding presents — what could go wrong? But my husband and I soon found ourselves pointing the barcode reader at increasingly silly items, some of which we actually received. […]