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I’m into serial refinancing … You should be, too

Amy FontinelleMy husband and I bought our house in 2008, and we’ve refinanced the mortgage three times since then. Sounds crazy, right? Who would want to go through the cost and hassle of taking out four home loans in just seven years? We would, and you should consider it, too. […]

No car … No problemLife without wheels is good and I’ve saved a fortune

Mitch StrohmA little over a year ago, I ditched my car. It’s a decision I’ve never regretted, and that’s saved us thousands of dollars.No car … No problemLife without wheels is good and I’ve saved a fortune from personal finance blog This blog was posted by Mitch Strohm […]

Everyone wants my money! Here’s how to say ‘No’ and still be a charitable and generous person

Dawn PapandreaSchool and church fundraisers. Donation requests at every grocery store checkout line. Facebook and Twitter friends asking for support for their fundraising efforts. Tip jars at deli counters. Girl Scout cookie drives. The pleas for my money never seem to end. And because it’s $1 here, $10 there, I’m a sucker for helping out. I […]Everyone wants my money! […]

9 dumb moves to financial failure

Jen A. MillerAt Bargaineering we usually talk about ways to save money, imparting practical advice on the best ways to get the most bang for your buck. But it’s summer, and things are a little goofy, so today we’re going to suggest a few ways to wreck your finances and stop building wealth. […]

6 simple ways to save more and worry less

Rachel HartmanIf you had to rely on your savings to live, do you know how long it would last? Forty-seven percent of Americans said their savings would last three months or less if they went through a financial crisis, according to a recent survey by NeighborWorks America. […]

My plan to enjoy summer without overspending

Dawn PapandreaOverspending on vacations. Day trips that wind up more pricey than planned. Keeping the kids entertained on a boring day. Summer can get very expensive, very quickly! This year I’m determined to keep a lid on those costs. […]

Non-stop price hikes make Disney vacays a stretch

Mitch StrohmTaking a family vacation to a Disney theme park was once an affordable escape. Sadly, that’s not the case anymore. […]

Here’s where to stash your cash while waiting for the Fed to finally raise interest rates, probably this fall

Susan LadikaIt has to happen sooner or later. After months of dithering, it appears the Federal Reserve will actually start to push interest rates higher, ending years of record low returns on bank accounts. […]

Summer music festivals on the cheap…Or what passes for cheap in these days of inflated prices

Mitch StrohmWhen it comes to attending a music festival, cheap simply isn’t on the table anymore. These days it’s a matter of limiting cost. This April, for example, a three-day general admission pass to the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival pass cost $375. […]

Skip the pricey car dealership … I fixed a keyless remote myself and so can you

Amy FontinelleI refuse to go to a car dealership for any reason. I don’t shop for cars there and I don’t get maintenance or repairs done there. They have a reputation for charging much more than smaller auto shops. […]