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Tax breaks for teachers and others getting the ax next year

Miranda MarquitWhich tax breaks have you become accustomed to? Over time, even many  tax breaks that are written to be temporary from the get-go start to feel like they will be around forever. As a result, it’s often a shock when these tax breaks disappear rather abruptly. […]

Can you do Thanksgiving dinner for less than $20?

Claes BellIt’s now a week until Thanksgiving, and since thawing a turkey takes a few hours shy of forever, you’d better start your meal planning now. That is, if you don’t want to end up doing the walk of shame to whatever sad buffet restaurant your ill planning consigns you to. (Full disclosure: I’ve eaten out [...]Can you do Thanksgiving dinner for less than $20? […]

This is why you’re broke, college football edition

Alana.ModlinMy name is Alana, and I’m a college football fan. Most months of the year I consider myself a rational, level-headed young lady. But come the end of August, for 12 weeks (more if I’m lucky), I become obsessed with college football. More specifically the Florida Gators.  Now don’t get confused; this is not a post about a [...]This is why you’re broke, college football edition from perso […]

Should you invest in Bitcoins or are they just Beanie Babies for nerds?

Claes BellIf you’ve never heard of Bitcoin, you probably will soon. Bitcoin is an electronic currency beloved by technology enthusiasts and privacy advocates that happens to be prone to sudden, huge run-ups in value. […]

When frugal goes waaay too far: TLC’s ‘Extreme Cheapskates’

Claes BellI hope you’re lucky enough to have never had to endure an episode of the TLC show “Extreme Cheapskates,” but if you have, you’ll know it’s chockfull of sad people doing disgusting and/or risky things that very often save them little money, but do make for great shock value. […]

Letting your man manage your finances? Watch out

Miranda MarquitIn many relationships, financial decisions are delegated to one partner, and overwhelmingly, that person is male. A recent study from Fidelity found that just 24 percent of women say they take responsibility for day-to-day financial decisions. And that actually  represents an increase since 2011, when just 15 percent of women said so. […]

What ‘Final Fantasy’ taught me about finance: Use it or lose it

Dan.MirandaMy first foray into the world of Moogles and Magitek goes as far back as elementary school. In fact, I’ve been playing “Final Fantasy” so long that the game may have actually been the origin of a bad habit it would eventually help me recognize: holding onto things until they’re no longer useful. […]

Savings makes you happier than a fun job, eating right or exercising

Claes BellTo achieve maximum happiness, as soon as you finish reading this, you should start eating only spam, quit your gym, and get a horrible but high paying job (patent lawyer or international accountant come to mind). Then, funnel all the extra money into a savings account. […]

When I’m saving, ‘Time Is on My Side’

Claes BellThe Rolling Stones’ “Time Is on My Side” (actually written by American song writer Jerry Ragovoy) may not seem at first glance like a song about money, but the more I look at the lyrics, the more I think they could be written from a lender to a debtor. […]

Comments of the week, renters insurance is cool edition

Claes BellWe had a lot of great comments on a bunch of different posts. One of my favorite types of comments are readers sharing their own experiences, and we got plenty of those on posts about renters insurance, bedbugs and financial pitfalls for veterans. […]