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Before you renovate that place you’re renting, don’t forget to pick up some Bad Idea jeans

Claes BellThere’s a classic “Saturday Night Live” ad parody called “Bad Idea Jeans” where a bunch of 30-something white guys wearing stonewashed dad jeans (with a “bad idea” label, of course) stand around talking nonchalantly about a bunch of really dumb things they have planned. […]

This is why you’re broke, Whole Paycheck edition

Alyson.CaseyI try to be frugal with my meager fellowship earnings while I finish grad school — I really do. But at the same time I want to eat healthy, and this is why I’m broke. It’s much easier to eat healthy at the grocery store than at the fast food places around campus. […]

This is why you’re broke, going out to eat edition

Claes BellGoing out to eat is great for a lot of reasons: no dishes, new culinary experiences, time to relax and share a meal with friends or my significant other, annoying the Internet by posting pictures of my food. But those benefits come at a price. […]

How I got $132 worth of clothes for free

Kristin WongA clothing swap allows you to freshen up your wardrobe without a pricey shopping spree. It’s totally unfrugal, but sometimes buying new clothes and shoes and accessories just feels good. But know what doesn’t feel so good? A busted budget. Good news is, there are ways to satisfy your inner shopaholic without going broke. […]

5 signs your credit card sucks

John ParkerWhen it comes to choosing the right credit card, you’ve got plenty of options. A good card can give you a long promotional period, a great interest rate and reward you with some nice benefits. […]

Billshit: A line-by-line look at your bloated, horrible cable bill

Kristin WongI know. Here I am, a person who writes about living frugally and saving money and all that, and I still subscribe to one of the biggest rip-offs of all time: Cable TV. I’m not proud of it, and I blame Breaking Bad. […]

Why toilet paper was the best thing I got for Christmas this year

Alana.ModlinWhen I was little, about once a month the most glorious package would arrive at our house. It was from a far-off land called Brooklyn, sent by one of the most magical women on Earth, my Grandma. […]

McResource, McDonald’s employee site that offered finance advice, gets McMurdered

Claes BellLate last month, McDonald’s finally shut down its McResource website for employees, which collapsed under the weight of approximately a billion metric tons of Internet snark. The fry that broke the camel’s back? Advising employees not to eat too much fast food because it’s bad for your health. […]