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France Introduces Carbon Tax of $25 Per Metric Ton

President Nicolas Sarcozy of France revealed his plans for working to reduce his country’s carbon dioxide emissions. For each taxpayer’s metric ton of carbon dioxide emission due to use of oil, gas, or coal, the government will charge that taxpayer a fee of €17 (roughly $25). This rate would rise over time. […]

Persistence Pays Off

This article is presented by Kelly Whalen, Consumerism Commentary staff writer. As consumers we often face situations that are both expensive and frustrating. […]

Giveaway Reminder: Excuse Me, Your Job is Waiting

There are only a few more days to qualify for the latest giveaway. I have a copy of Excuse Me, Your Job is Waiting: Attract the Work You Want by Laura George (reviewed here). If you are interested in receiving this book, helpful for finding a job in a tough economy or for finding meaningful employment any time, become a fan of Consumerism Commentary on Facebook. […]

Getting Out of Debt: Reductionism and Holism

We’ve updated our list of the best online savings accounts, so if you haven’t checked in recently, take a look at the latest reviews and interest rates. As a teenager I was fascinated by Douglas R. Hofstadter’s book, Gödel, Escher, Bach: and Eternal Golden Braid. The book explores set theory, computer programming, logic, philosophy, genetics, music, Zen, and art. […]

Obama’s New Job Boosting Ideas

President Obama gave a “major speech” today (out of curiosity, can anyone tell what makes a speech major?) outlining several new proposals for boosting job creation and ensuring job stability. More than 90% of all economic indicators point to a recovery already in progress, but unemployment, even though it went down in a dramatic way for the first time last month, is still painfully high. […]

High Tech Coupons: Yowza!!, Where, and Google’s Favorite Places

The recession has inspired a focus on saving more money among Americans, even if this focus is likely temporary, giving way to excess spending once employment returns to a sustainable level and credit becomes readily available. But for a short time, frugality has permeated the country’s consciousness. […]

New Staff Writer, Facebook Giveaway, and Best of November

Thanks to all the Consumerism Commentary readers who commented or emailed me about the auditions for staff writer. I’d like to welcome Kelly Whalen, a writer whose primary website is The Centsible Life, to the Consumerism Commentary team! Kelly will be providing one article a week starting this Thursday. […]

3 Interesting Coins You Might Find in Your Change

It’s becoming increasingly rare, but once in a while it is possible to find interesting coins in your pocket change. Professional and amateur coin collectors tend to snap these up so the coins are taken out of circulation, and many of the most interesting coins are aging and damaged. […]

Initial TARP Recipients are 57% Repaid

With the news that Bank of America hurried up a sale of securities in order to pay back their TARP loan, the story of the many billions loaned to the “big banks” has reached an interesting turning point: they’re now more than half paid back, 57% to be precise. […]