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ING Direct Offers “Added Value” Certificate of Deposit

In an effort to attract more new deposits, ING Direct is offering a new savings product with a high interest rate, the “Added Value” certificate of deposit (CD). If you are willing to deposit new money to ING Direct and let the bank hold that money for one year without any withdrawals, ING Direct will pay you a rate of 2.25% APY (as of October 18, 2009). […]

Podcast 26: Mark Frauenfelder, Creator of Boing Boing

Tom Dziubek and Flexo speak with Mark Frauenfelder, the creator of Boing Boing and the editor-in-chief of the MAKE magazine. […]

Google Editions: E-Books From Anywhere

In addition to Sony’s and Amazon’s electronic bookstores (about 100,000 and 330,000 titles available, respectively), booksellers now have another huge option for getting their books into our hands: Google Editions, which will launch next year with between 400,000 and 600,000 titles. Not necessarily a store or a device Google Editions is built on top of Google’s enormous book digitizing project cal […]

Quicken 2010 Review and Giveaway

Update: The giveaway has ended and the winners will be announced shortly. Note: This is a long article containing an in-depth review of the new version of Quicken. If you are just interested in the giveaway of Quicken 2010 Deluxe, scroll to the bottom of this article. It took me a long time to warm up to Intuit Quicken. […]

How to Create Your Own Extended Warranty

In my article the other day about the deal I got on a new computer despite my immediate need, I neglected to mention something important: I refused the extended warranty that the salesperson offered numerous times. Any extended warranty is almost always a bad deal. […]

Bank of America Adding Annual Fees to Credit Cards

With the current and upcoming changes in the credit card industry due to the Credit CARD Act and other regulations put in place by the Federal Reserve, banks and credit issuers are maneuvering as much as possible to be in a good position to continue making money off their customers. […]

Ten Things to Do With $1,000 Right Now

Mention to your friend that you suddenly received an unexpected $1,000 and I would be willing to bet he could come up with several suggestions for you. Most of those suggestions will likely involve handing the money over to him. My first suggestion is to refrain from telling your friend when you have $1,000 more than you know what to do with. […]

Quicken 2010 Available Now

I’ve been a relatively faithful user of Quicken for the past five years after switching from Microsoft Money and other more basic personal finance management software. […]

Seeking Staff Writer for Consumerism Commentary

Last Thursday, Jeff offered his final article for Consumerism Commentary, Learning and Saving. Jeff was a solid contributor, and I’m sorry to report that Jeff won’t be contributing regularly due to his other obligations. […]

Fulfilling a Dream for $8 an Hour

I just graduated a “Level One” (read: newbie) improv class. At first, I signed up for the class because I can think of few thing scarier than getting on stage with no script. I’m not known for thinking on my feet, I don’t “BS” well, and even when I know my lines, I get terrible stage fright. So I made myself go to this class as soon as I knew I’d have eight free weekends in a row. […]