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Seeking Staff Writer for Consumerism Commentary

Last Thursday, Jeff offered his final article for Consumerism Commentary, Learning and Saving. Jeff was a solid contributor, and I’m sorry to report that Jeff won’t be contributing regularly due to his other obligations. […]

Fulfilling a Dream for $8 an Hour

I just graduated a “Level One” (read: newbie) improv class. At first, I signed up for the class because I can think of few thing scarier than getting on stage with no script. I’m not known for thinking on my feet, I don’t “BS” well, and even when I know my lines, I get terrible stage fright. So I made myself go to this class as soon as I knew I’d have eight free weekends in a row. […]

Always Try Bargaining: Here’s How it Worked for Me

Tom Dziubek, the producer of the Consumerism Commentary Podcast, and I have been having some difficulties with the Acer Aspire desktop I purchased earlier this year. I believe the problem can be fixed, but it will take some time. […]

Podcast 25: Sandra Hanna, Smart Cookies and Neal Frankle, Wealth Pilgrim

Today’s podcast features Sandra Hanna, the “savvy spender” among the Smart Cookies. Smart Cookies is a television program on the W Network. Sandra is one of five hosts on the show. Each with their own specialty offers financial makeovers. […]

Friday Discussion: The Need for and Cost of Health Care Reform

I visit a doctor once a year at the most, and I hardly require prescription medicine. The cost of my health insurance premium is about $800 this year for my HMO plan. My employer pays a larger percentage of the total premium, but the prices increase each year by a percentage much higher than inflation. […]

Overkill At the United States Mint With New Coin Designs

In 1909, the U.S. Mint decided to honor assassinated President Abraham Lincoln by putting his likeness on the obverse of the lowest denominated coin in regular circulation, the cent. This new design, introduced for the centennial anniversary of Lincoln’s birth, replaced the “Indian head” cent. […]

Learning and Saving

There are a lot of things in the world I know nothing about. Not knowing about something can be very expensive. Allow me to illustrate… The brake light came on in our car a couple of weeks ago, and we started looking around at different places we could have them checked. […]

How is Your 401(k) Retirement Account Performing?

I’ve been investing in a 401(k) retirement account since I joined the ranks of the corporate employed seven years ago. I started with a small percentage of my income, just enough to take advantage of the full company match. As my income increased, I diverted a larger percentage to the 401(k) with the hopes of retiring with a sizable nest egg decades later. […]

How to Prepare for the Demise of the Dollar

Since the middle of the twentieth century, the U.S. dollar has been the currency that has dominated the world. Governments have held dollars in reserve, and borrowed dollars when necessary, because this currency can buy just about anything, anywhere. […]