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Financial Success Requires Active Decisions

The bulk of what contributes to financial success, given sufficient opportunity, consists of personal choices. We make choices every day at varying levels of consciousness. I subconsciously choose to wake up every morning, but I consciously choose to get out of bed and drive to work. […]

Podcast 21: Student Saving Tips and How to Survive on a Teacher’s Salary

In today’s Consumerism Commentary Podcast, I offer a number of suggestions for students heading back to school, particularly for new college freshmen. Tom Dziubek and I discuss tips that will help students take small steps now to ensure they will start the rest of their lives on a sound footing. After the discussion for students, we offer tips for teachers with our guest, Danny Kofke. […]

Small Business Administration’s Top 10 Tips

My wife and I recently started a business. Technically, I think we’re planning a business, since the incorporation papers are still winging their way through the mail, but it feels like it’s been started. We’ve got a P.O. […]

Paying Off a 30-Year Fixed-Rate Mortgage in 15 Years

This is a guest article by Laura, a twenty-something woman working to improve her finances and reduce debt. She writes about personal finance for college students and grads at Green Panda Treehouse. We’re buying a town house and it has a been a huge learning process. We have been running the numbers and making sure everything works budget wise. […]

Wedding Donations, Smart or Tacky?

The recession has forced almost everyone to make a change in one way or another. For one Atlanta couple, their wedding has turned into more than they had anticipated. Vanessa Caldwell and Cole Parker are getting married  on Nov. 11, and needed a way to cover their expenses. […]

Help a Reader: Move Forward With Mortgage Refinance?

Yesterday I received an email from a Consumerism Commentary reader who has a question about her mortgage refinancing options and is looking for advice. I tend not to offer too much personal advice, but I responded with some thoughts and offered to open up the discussion to other readers. Please read through and see if you have any thoughts for Heather. […]

How to Have $50 Million Covered By FDIC: CDARS

Most of us need only a fraction of what the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation is willing to protect. For most people, the FDIC covers up to $250,000 per depositor. If you have up to $250,000 in a regular bank account offered by a typical bank that participates in the FDIC program, you’re protected against the bank’s possible failure. […]

Best of Consumerism Commentary, August 2009

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Hip New Funding Site:

This certainly isn’t the first or only Web site where one can describe a project and ask for donations, but if word of mouth is anything to go by, the new is the hip place to get funding these days. I first heard about it on Twitter when one of my heroes Jesse Thorn linked to his project for people who want to learn to dress better, one might say “more sartorially”, if one were in […]

Visa Signature Concierge: Useless for Immediate Travel

As I’ve mentioned recently, my maternal grandmother passed away a few days ago, my second of two grandmothers to pass away in the past few weeks. A few years ago, she moved out to California to be cared for by my mother and brother who had also moved out to the west coast several years earlier. […]