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Personal Finance Advice: One Size Does Not Fit All

It is human nature to search for Truths that describe the world we live in. This is one reason why personal finance gurus are so popular amongst a group of individuals that listens. […]

Podcast 5: Pursuing Your Passion and a Dual-Income Budget

Today’s podcast features an interview with J.D. Roth from popular blog Get Rich Slowly. J.D. talks with Tom Dziubek and me about how he was inspired to begin writing about personal finance and his decision to leave the corporate world behind and take his passion to the next level. Tom also speaks with Bryan J Busch from Stop Being Broken. […]

Movies are New Again with Fan-made Commentaries

When DVDs (and before them, Laserdiscs) were new, I really used to enjoy listening to the commentary tracks. […]

Seven Great Gifts for College Graduates

If there is a college graduate in your life, he or she will likely receive a number of gifts. The first gift will be the realization that it can be difficult to find a job in this economy right now — if the goal is to get a job in the same field of study as the degree. […]

Compare Your Company’s 401(k) Retirement Plan

While researching companies for possible career moves — an occasional hobby of mine before all of my extracurricular time was spent working on Consumerism Commentary — it has been difficult to find reliable information about one of the biggest benefits companies can offer, the 401(k) retirement plan. As an outsider to the company, you cannot access juicy benefits information. […]

How To Be Twenty Times Better Than Barack Obama

I offered to write articles for Quicken occasionally, and the first of these articles was published yesterday. It focuses on trimming budgets and expenditures. President Obama has proposed cutting the federal budget by $17 billion. That’s a large amount of money, but it’s a tiny slice, 0.5%, of the total federal budget. […]

Congress Passes Credit CARD Act of 2009, Now What?

Yesterday, the House of Representatives voted on and passed the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility, and Disclosure (CARD) Act of 2009, the Senate’s alternative to the Credit Cardholders’ Bill of Rights. Here are some of the provisions, taking effect in February 2010: Credit card companies must give 45 days notice before raising interest rates. […]

Digital Television Transition Approaching

June 12, 2009 is the final day that full-power television stations will broadcast in an analog over-the-air signal. […]

GMAC Bank is Now Ally Bank, FNBO Direct Lowers Interest Rate

In an effort to distance itself from the General Motors brand, GMAC Bank is now known as Ally Bank. Ally is continuing to offer the 2.25% APY online savings account (as of May 19, 2009) and is also currently offering 2.8% APY for a one-year certificate of deposit account. […]