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Medical Bills, Even if You Have Insurance, Can Cause Frustration and Debt

When I write about advocating for the consumer when he or she is in debt, I usually receive a good amount of feedback blaming the consumer for his or her situation. Yes, in many cases, households fall into debt because they buy more things they cannot afford, whether knowingly or unknowingly. […]

Money Basics: Budgets

April is National Financial Literacy Month in the United States. In most cases, schools do not extensively teach financial skills. Teenagers, highly susceptible to messages from the media, often do not have guidance from teachers, who are not trained to teach financial skills, or from parents, many of whom do not model healthy financial behavior. […]

When Large Institutions Hoard Cash, Start Investing

Rather than lending and investing, banks are holding onto large amounts of cash. For large companies, particularly companies whose stocks trade publicly, now is a good time to keep cash on hand for excess liquidity and to look strong for investors and analysts. The liquidity allows the bank to be ready to strike when they believe it’s time to invest their own assets. […] Will Provide Personalized Financial Advice: Beta Test the New Features

Starting today, Mint will begin beta testing some significant new features. Mint, a web application that helps you track your financial transactions, account balances, debt and budget, is branching into financial advice. For a few weeks, beta testers will have exclusive access to these new features described below. […]

Haggling for Beginners

Coming clean right off the bat: I can’t personally teach you how to haggle or negotiate anything. It terrifies me almost as much as falling in love or doing improv theater. […]

Suze Orman Says Stop Paying Off Debt

Recently, famous finance guru Suze Orman, who usually doles out sensible advice even if in an disrespectful manner, has advised the public to stop paying off credit card debt any faster than minimum payments allow in order to shore up a savings account that could last eight months in an income emergency. […]

Podcast 1: Recession Tips and Shrinking Your Bills

It’s finally here! Welcome to the first edition of the Consumerism Commentary Podcast. Today Tom and I discuss tips for surviving financially through an economic and personal recession. […]

Reader Question: How Can My Money Earn More for Me?

A reader and friend is looking for some basic financial advice. It just so happens that April is National Financial Literacy Month, so the timing is perfect because I am in a sharing mood. […]

New Proposed Regulations for Credit Cards

As Smithee mentioned earlier this week, the Congress and the White House are both working to introduce legislation to help consumers and curb deceptive techniques practiced by credit card lenders. Yesterday, a committee of representatives interested in financial issues put forth a bill to the rest of the House, the Credit Cardholders’ Bill of Rights Act of 2009. […]