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25 Tips For Safe Shopping Online Or At Brick And Mortar Stores

All of us know someone who is crazy about shopping. If you are an avid shopper, take heed: before you embark on your shopping sprees, take note that the thieves and ne’er do wells may be out and about to prey on the unsuspecting. […]

Exploring Alternative Investment Diversifiers & Asset Classes

Is there more to investing than putting your money into stocks, bonds and cash? Find out some ways to spice up your portfolio with alternative investments. For most regular investors, a portfolio of index stock funds, bonds and savings accounts are sufficient to achieve some reasonable level of diversification. […]

The Household CFO: Home Financial Taskmaster

In every household, somebody’s got to handle the finances — whether it’s the Mister, the Missus, or both, running things as a team. And in our case it’s moi. […]

How To Increase Your Chances Of Getting A Job

Find out what people are doing to increase their chances of snagging the job they want. We live in a society in which most people fear being different, fear making waves and thus fail to exhibit their unique qualities. […]

7 Ways To Handle Unexpected Expenses and Financial Emergencies

Have an emergency? Find the money from both expected and unexpected places! The other day, I had an emergency: my computer hit the dust a second time in 2 years. The first time it croaked, my hard drive crashed but most of it was recoverable. […]

7 Ways To Deal With Spousal Debt

What if your partner is racking up the credit card debt, and having a hard time putting a halt to their unnecessary spending? Then it can get pretty dicey. If your personal or spousal debt is starting to look unmanageable due to a spending addiction, here are a few ideas that you may try out [...]7 Ways To Deal With Spousal Debt Copyright 2011 All rights reserved. […]

Tips On Using A Headhunter or Job Recruiter

I’ve had my fair share of job hunting escapades and know the frustration that goes along with the search. You know what your skills are, but if you are not effectively communicating those skills through a resume, you could find yourself out of luck and out of a potentially good job. […]

My Ideal Work Life: Striking A Balance Between Family & Work

A lot of us share the dream of being able to change our lifestyle (for the better) while still being able to afford all the things we’ve become accustomed to. If given a chance, a lot of people would prefer to get off the rat race and retire from corporate life. […]

Save Money On Your Wedding: Control Your Wedding Costs & Budget

When a friend of mine got married some time ago, he gave me some details about how much it cost him to cover a 200 guest wedding. His number came up to between $22,000 and $23,000. This gave me a chance to compare weddings in the Bay Area during the 00′s vs the 90′s, when [...]Save Money On Your Wedding: Control Your Wedding Costs & Budget Copyright 2011 All rights reserved. […]