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Basics Of Shorting A Stock: What To Know Before You Short

The responsible thing to do before we talk about shorting stocks is to offer a disclaimer. There are a lot of exciting and thrilling ways to play the stock market but more often than not, the more boring strategies work the best. Be very careful when shorting stocks. […]

10 Concrete Tips To Dine Out For Less: Save Money When Eating Out

Here are 10 glorious tips to help you make the most out of dining out. When we’re eyeing our budget, spending on entertainment is normally one of the first items that people cut back on. […]

Understanding A Loan Amortization Schedule: How To Calculate Mortgage Payments

Amortization means “to kill”. Follow the etymology far enough, and you end up with the Latin root of “mort”, meaning death. What are you killing? Your debt, of course. […]

Be Financially Accountable: Keep A Financial Diary

In the corporate world, there’s such a thing called a “status report” that a department or group head will typically require each member of a team to write up on a regular basis. […]

TD Ameritrade Review: #1 Broker For Equity Trades

TD Ameritrade is a well known broker that boasts over 6 million customers in the United States alone, plus many more around the globe. Behind this brokerage firm is a corporation that has acquired several well known entities in the financial industry such as TD Waterhouse, Thinkorswim Group Inc. […]

First Ever Financial Blogger Conference Highlights

If you’re a financial blogger, you may have heard that the first ever personal finance blogging conference took place over this weekend (October 1-2, 2011) at the Marriott Hotel at Schaumburg, Illinois. […]

Can You Still Make Money With Credit Card Arbitrage?

Arbitrage is not a new concept: whenever you buy an item and sell it quickly for a profit, you’re participating in some form of arbitrage. For example, let’s say you owned an antique shop. You might spend Saturday mornings on the yard sale circuit, looking for antiques that you could sell in your shop. […]

Non-Traditional Ways To Retire: Retirement Scenarios To Consider

The following is a guest post from Neal Frankle. Neal is a Certified Financial Planner in Los Angeles and also owns Wealth Pilgrim — a personal finance blog. Is it possible that you might be saving too much for retirement? Actually yes. […]

Preferred Stock vs Common Stock Investing

When I first embarked on learning stock market basics, I thought that a stock was a stock was a stock, but there are actually two distinct forms: preferred and common. Let’s talk about the differences and show some examples of each type. Common Stock Investing: What’s Involved? […]

Picking Up Free Items in Public, Hoarding Ketchup: Thievery or Frugality?

I’d like to talk about an interesting habit that some people have. Pilferers can’t resist the lure of grabbing a few extra sugar packets or plastic forks from fast food restaurants. I have a relative with this habit. […]