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How To Avoid Becoming House Rich & Cash Poor

Back before the nation’s housing market ended up going to the dogs, it was acceptable — and even smart(!) — to pursue a home with as little money as possible. Indeed, many families felt that the risks they were taking by chasing a dream seemed worth the future rewards of the real estate bubble. […]

Betterment Review: Establish An Automatic ETF Portfolio, Get $25

What can be better than setting up an automatic, diversified ETF portfolio? Building a simple ETF portfolio PLUS receiving $25 in your account! Move over online brokers, there’s a great service in town called Betterment. […]

Putting Big Bills On Credit Cards

Should you put huge bills such as mortgage or tax payments on credit? For the first time ever (that’s over 2 decades, mind you), we actually received a pretty hefty tax refund in the previous year. This is in contrast to the significant amounts we used to owe the government during tax time because we [...]Putting Big Bills On Credit Cards Copyright 2011 All rights reserved. […]

14 Effective Strategies To Leverage A Weak Stock Market

Things we can do while waiting for the economy to turn up. When we’re faced with a dour financial forecast, we’re often told to batten down the hatches and stay the course. But what if you can’t stand to do nothing as your portfolio erodes? […]

Accumulating Wealth, Slowly But Surely

In the world of personal finance, a lot of choices we make are tailored to our lifestyles, age and profile, and so much of the guidelines can be subject to interpretation. I realize that financial advice is just a blueprint that many readers can act upon differently, depending on where they’re coming from. […]

The Perils of Real Estate Leveraging: A Case Study

It’s been a while since the wobbly real estate market took center stage. There were a few infamous celebrities that came out of that period. Someone who may sound familiar to you is a fellow named Casey Serin, who gained notoriety for pulling a few crazy stunts during the real estate mania and subsequent collapse. […]

Effective Ways To Monetize Your Blog

Before you start shopping around for a trusty web host for your brand new site, evaluate these opportunities to see if blogging is worthwhile to pursue. Are you doing it for money or for fun? If you’re doing it to see if you can turn in a few bucks while you do something enjoyable, then [...]Effective Ways To Monetize Your Blog Copyright 2011 All rights reserved. […]

Lottery Addictions, Gambling Habits & Other Big Money Mistakes

The lady watched her husband open the safe in the bedroom and memorized the code (true story). She then proceeded to open the safe once he had left for work, and took the valuable ring he had given her for their anniversary. […]

How To Get Medical Insurance Claims Paid. Don’t Get Denied!

I can think of a million things I’d rather do than sort out my medical bills and payment issues. But it’s a common complaint. If you’re making an insurance claim, how many times have you had this dialogue with your friendly neighborhood insurance agent? Customer: I’d like to check on the status of my claims [...]How To Get Medical Insurance Claims Paid. […]