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Women Financial Gurus: Diva Finance!

The battle of the sexes is alive and well in many aspects of our lives, and the question of who belongs to the superior gender often comes up in many lively debates. I’ve actually tried to tackle gender differences in this blog before, and it’s been a touchy subject to some degree. When it comes [...]Women Financial Gurus: Diva Finance! Copyright 2011 All rights reserved. […]

Property Next Door Devaluing Your Home? 10 Ways To Handle It

Real estate depends on location. But even a nice location can have a problem. Sometimes, when driving around suburbia on our way to visit friends or family, we take the Bay Area back roads. At times, we find ourselves lost in the elegant settings of some of the ritziest neighborhoods in Silicon Valley, those which [...]Property Next Door Devaluing Your Home? […]

Guide To Buying An HP Laptop

This is a guest post by Dave at, thanks to the folks from HP. Buying a laptop can be tricky business, especially for the uninitiated. If you’re anything like some people out there, your first instinct would be to call up James, your family friend / nephew / cousin that knows computers like the [...]Guide To Buying An HP Laptop Copyright 2011 All rights reserved. […]

Ways To Shrug Off A Stock Market Slide & Reduce Market Anxiety

Deep stock market drops can certainly be nerve-wracking, but what’s interesting here is that depending on whom you ask, you’ll always get different reactions when something like this happens. Volatility affects people in different ways such that their profile, life circumstances and investment set up will dictate how deeply these market movements affect them. […]

I Want A Pay Raise! Safe vs Extreme Ways To Get A Salary Hike

While many businesses across the nation are hesitant to give salary increases this year, there’s still a chance for some workers out there to receive fatter paychecks. What are some ideas you can try in order to secure a higher salary? There are some ways to do it creatively. Some people have tried some extreme [...]I Want A Pay Raise! […]

My First Blog Design: Taking Baby Steps

Back in 2006, I found myself getting started with a small business idea and launching a personal finance blog. To get my business ideas off the ground, I discovered quickly that I needed to learn some new technologies that will allow me to create a presence on the internet. […]

5 Messy Problems & Easy Solutions For A Better Organized Life

Recent circumstances have caused me to abandon my usual orderly ways. After a year of disorganization, I decided to determine what it might have cost me. Besides creating an atmosphere of confusion, disorganization can cost you a serious amount of dollars and cents. […]

5 Tips To Track The Property Values In Any Neighborhood

As we’ve seen in the recent past, a downturn in the real estate market can have repercussions in other aspects of our lives, from employment to consumer spending and beyond. One way to determine if your area’s improving is to compare your local real estate market to the national real estate market. […]

What Causes A Stock Market Correction or Meltdown?

Why do markets fall? The causes of stock market corrections, bear markets and other meltdowns. When the stock market careens around wildly like a drunken bull, it causes even the most steadfast among us to become nervous. It causes some of us to jump into action. […]

Questions To Ask Before You Invest

Questions to ask before you invest or buy stocks, and why it’s like shopping for a printer. A guest post courtesy of Mr. Moneybags. For one reason or another, I recently found myself in desperate need of a new printer. So, off I went into the treacherous realm that they commonly refer to as Staples. [...]Questions To Ask Before You Invest Copyright 2011 All rights reserved. […]