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Does Freelance Work Affect Jobless Benefits?

A writer friend just lost her day job. She wasted no time in filing for unemployment benefits and is now looking for another job. While losing a job is rarely a good thing, it does give her more free time to work on her writing. J.K Rowling famously turned lemons into lemonade by writing her [...]Does Freelance Work Affect Jobless Benefits? Copyright 2011 All rights reserved. […]

Lower Your Car Insurance Rates! How To Cut Insurance Premiums In Half

How can we cut our auto insurance premiums in half? Here are a few tips to lower your car insurance rates. Even if you already have insurance coverage, it’s still always a good idea to review your car insurance needs and compare rates from time to time, as even a cursory check of quotes from [...]Lower Your Car Insurance Rates! […]

Cheap Ways To Keep Fit And Stay Healthy

Doing simple, cost effective things to stay healthy today will keep you from spending more money down the line. The truth is, the cost of treating chronic disease can be debilitating enough to cause job loss; it’s cited as one of the top reasons why people go bankrupt. […]

How Do You Qualify For A Mortgage Loan?

You finally found the perfect house and you’re close to realizing the dream of owning your own home…so close that you can taste it. It’s a great time in your life but are you really financially ready to achieve these goals? […]

Facts About Gift & Estate Taxes

It’s better to give than to receive. Yet the giver is taxed and the recipient is not. To the frustration of many, the government’s desire for your money doesn’t stop when you die. If you’re unfamiliar with the specifics of gift and estate tax, you may be confused about why they are being lumped into [...]Facts About Gift & Estate Taxes Copyright 2011 All rights reserved. […]

How To Pay Less For Necessities & Everyday Essentials

When we’re in a financial bind, it’s easy enough to cut back on the higher priced items and luxury goods. But when the prices of necessities jump, then that’s when some people may get worried, particularly if they’re living on fixed income. […]

Buying Bonds? Effect of Interest Rates on Bond Value vs Yield

Before answering these questions, let’s touch on a few investing basics. Whenever you consider any investment, it’s crucial to investigate how the holding fits in with your risk tolerance and goals. Bonds are considered less risky or volatile — meaning their price movements vary less than those of stocks. Conventional investing wisdom recommends that by [...]Buying Bonds? […]

Dealing With Long Term Care & Expenses In Your Later Years

None of us really want to think about the idea of getting older. But it’s something we can’t escape, and ironically enough, the best time to start thinking about planning for that time is when we are younger and healthier. […]

Sample Portfolios Of Financial Bloggers: Investing For The Future

How do your friendly personal finance bloggers invest? Quite some time ago, I had the great opportunity to gain some insights on how a few financially savvy bloggers were constructing their investment portfolios. […]

Money 101: A Basic Financial Plan For Those Starting Out

If you subscribe to the do-it-yourself approach to managing money, then we’re on the same page. Many people have asked me through the years the same questions: What should I do with my money? Should I borrow more and build my credit? How do I invest what I have? […]