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Free TurboTax Giveaway With TurboTax Coupon Codes (Online Versions)

We’ve got another coupon code giveaway, this time, care of TurboTax. Sometimes, handling the tax implications of investment losses, donations, medical expenses and other taxable transactions can be a little complicated to manage. […]

Should You Invest Pre-Tax or After Tax Dollars? 401K vs Roth IRA

In recent years, Roth IRAs have become very popular with investors. The Roth IRA is named after Senator William Roth of Delaware, who sponsored the 1997 legislation that created them. The basic idea behind the Roth IRA is pretty simple — you invest after-tax money into your Roth IRA, and are not taxed on the [...]Should You Invest Pre-Tax or After Tax Dollars? […]

Why It’s Important To Do Estate and Inheritance Planning

There have been some high profile cases featured in the news about people passing away and leaving behind more than sweet memories and a beautiful legacy for their loved ones. It’s sad enough when someone goes, but when the deceased’s family and friends end up with difficult issues to work through, then it’s even sadder. […]

Mortgage Terms Basics: What Kind of Mortgage Should You Carry?

For most people, committing to a mortgage is one of the scariest moments of their lives. Our cave man ancestors would be stunned to see people working for thirty years just to own a home. Back in the old days, you just found a cave, chased the bats out of it, and moved in. […]

Does Your Digital Photo Frame Contain Bugs? Watch Out For Malware

Protect yourself from merchandise bugs. Another retail “holiday” is coming up that’s out to separate you from your dollars. What are you thinking of getting your Valentine? Beyond the standard roses and chocolates (or even slinky nightwear ), I’ve always thought that a nice gift for Valentine’s Day should be something personal enough yet still [...]Does Your Digital Photo Frame Contain Bugs? […]

Got Laid Off? 14 Steps To Survive A Job Loss

If you just got laid off, you may be asking: what’s next? Here’s what to do if you lose your job unexpectedly. There was a time when job losses were across the board and piling up weekly. Things may not seem as bad today, but I’ve got a friend who recently called me with the [...]Got Laid Off? 14 Steps To Survive A Job Loss Copyright 2011 All rights reserved. […]

Want To Be Your Own Boss? Steps To Take Before Going Solo

Be proactive before you make the switch to full time entrepreneurship. It’s a statement often dished out and applied to people who attempt to do something they’re not very good at, a statement made to discourage those who are seeking out an alternative career path: “don’t quit your day job”. In the entrepreneurial world, this [...]Want To Be Your Own Boss? […]

Is Investing In Rental Property A Good Move?

Want to be a landlord? Here are some points to consider. For those of us who are investors, real estate has been considered as a decent, long-term investment that can provide us with some reasonable level of diversification. […]

7 Basic Tax Strategies For Salaried Employees

It’s not just how much you make that matters, but also how much you actually keep. There are but few words in the financial vocabulary that strike fear in me, and TAX is one of them. […]