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What Is My Expected Net Worth? Median Net Worth By Age & Income

It’s one of those things I fiddle with — those little financial tools from CNN Money or that tell you how financially adequate you are. Aren’t you curious about how you stack up against the general populace? These money tools are meant to dish out test results to help us keep track of our [...]What Is My Expected Net Worth? […]

Guide To Vision Care Expenses Plus Eye Care Insurance Tips

When I was in middle school, my parents took me on a road trip to Madison, Wisconsin to see the Badgers play my beloved Iowa Hawkeyes (whom I have since deserted for Iowa State). […]

Risks & Advantages Of Investing In The Biotech Stock Sector

Health care has come a long way, hasn’t it? Ailments used to be treated with tonics made from roots and other raw, unprocessed ingredients from nature, while non-invasive options to surgery are now much more prevalent. […]

Being Frugal Around The Clock By Saving All Week Long

I’ve seen the term “everyday” savings used quite a bit. These are the types of savings you make on ordinary “everyday” things such as your groceries, daily living expenses and such. […]

12 Month Calendar and Task List For A Secure Retirement

Your retirement plan is only as strong as the weakest link. The final link in that chain is the 12 months leading up to your actual retirement date. It is a critically important time period requiring specific action steps to realize the full value of your long-term savings plan. […]

Trade Your House Through A Home Swap or Vacation Rental Service

This house for trade! There are a couple of ways that homeowners engage in home swaps. We’ll talk about both of these ideas. How To Trade Your House In The first method is to actually swap your home permanently for another residence. […]

Reflecting On Short Term Business and Personal Goals & Resolutions

At the beginning of each year, it’s typical for everyone to declare their goals and assess how they’ve done in the previous year (or years past). I think I’ll follow suit with this compendium of updates on this subject. Earlier on, I had set forth some goals that I hoped to achieve at some point. […]

Life In A Dot Com & Working In A Tech Startup (Videos)

I occasionally write about my background in Silicon Valley because my experiences here have played a huge part on my finances, primarily on the job, career and investment front. Living in Silicon Valley has provided me with the unique experience of being exposed to the world of startups. […]

Customer Tips For Returning or Exchanging A Purchase

Although I skip Black Friday in-store events, I’ve been more courageous about pursuing After Christmas sales. It’s a time when people visit stores en masse to pick up stuff and to buy items at presumably the lowest prices of the year. […]

Health Insurance Open Enrollment: Tips For Choosing Plans

Once a year, employees get the chance to evaluate and choose their health care options for the following year — a practice referred to as annual open enrollment. If only one spouse is employed outside the home, or if both work for the same employer, the choice can be simple. […]