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11 Popular Toy Fads Throughout The Years

The toy industry is BIG business. Some years back, iPod toys were the rage. These cute, novelty “toys” went hand in hand with your iPod, ranging in price from $14.95 to $29.95 each. Today of course, something else is considered this year’s must have item. […]

Discover Card Rewards, Sign Up Bonuses and Promotions

Keep up with the latest rewards, sign up bonuses and promos from Discover Card. New card holders can take advantage of deals and short term promos from credit card issuers. You’ll find that Discover Cards is one of those issuers that comes up with generous deals attached to their products. […]

How To Stop Junk Mail With Free & Paid Services

I can see how debt can grow into something uncontrollable and unmanageable to the point of crushing someone financially. This is what I could foresee happening to me if I took up all the loan offers that used to come my way. I would wonder: how did mail marketers find out where I live? […]

What’s Your Best Money Advice? Be Prepared For That Rainy Day

Do you have great sayings that you ponder over and reflect upon every so often? I actually have a few pieces of advice that I hold near. I actually try to live by a few of these “adages”. The first is a very common cliche which I’ve adopted and taken to heart as I cruise [...]What’s Your Best Money Advice? Be Prepared For That Rainy Day Copyright 2011 All rights reserved. […]

How To Run Your Household Like A Business

Are you a manager at the office, a project team lead or a business owner? If you are, then you are no stranger to organizational tasks and maybe even to project management. What I find interesting is that many of us who are good at running a team or organization may not be all that [...]How To Run Your Household Like A Business Copyright 2011 All rights reserved. […]

Financial Books By Bloggers: Book Authors Among Us

Lots of people have been hitting the books lately. Not in the way you’d expect though. I meant that many people I know both online and off have been participating in some exciting projects, and have decided to become published authors. Everyone’s A Writer: A Family of Authors? Here’s what I mean. […]

5 Christmas Safety Tips For A Safe Holiday Season

Be aware of the possible dangers and risks that are associated with the holiday season. We discuss those things to watch out for so we can be safe during the holidays. The yuletide season is a time devoted to family reunions, merry-making and giving back. But it’s also a time that can be stressful. […]

Value Investing: How To Discover Bargain Stocks

Anybody who has some experience in the investing world has probably heard of the term “value investor”. It sounds like a great idea because all of us in our everyday lives are conditioned to operate with the idea that maximizing value in every area of our lives translates into a higher level of prosperity overall. […]

Black Friday Inspired Shopping Strategies

Black Friday marks the beginning of the huge holiday shopping season when some of the best deals around are unearthed. Are you ready to join the big crowds and brave the shopping lines and traffic? For those of you who are into this shopping holiday craze, here are some tips. […]

Single Mothers & Finance: How Do Single Parents Cope Financially?

Single parenting is a tough road to trek, especially for mothers. In the 1970s, three million households were run by single mothers. In 2003, there were 10 million single mothers raising children on their own. Besides taking over all the everyday personal issues, single mothers also have to make ends meet financially. […]