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OptionsXpress Review: Stock Investing and Options Trading

For a limited time, optionsXpress is offering a $100 cash bonus for all new account sign ups when certain requirements are met. You can find out more details below. […]

APY vs APR: How Are Interest Rates Used In Finance?

Understand rates, returns and terms in order to make the right product choices in finance. APR, APY, effective APR, nominal APR and interest rate. We see these terms pop up a lot when we talk about finance. […]

Tips & Sites for Organizing Daily Deals & Managing Coupon Clutter

As a frugalista, I subscribe to nearly every discount newsletter and sales flier out there. When all systems went down during a recent tropical storm, I realized that these updates were seriously clogging my inbox. After just a couple of days, I faced deleting hundreds of emails. […]

5 Ways To Restructure Your Life To Afford Retirement

Retirement is expensive — really expensive. According to the “Rule of 25″, you will need roughly $300,000 in retirement savings for every $1,000 per month you spend during retirement ($1,000 * 12 months * 25 = $300,000). […]

Should We Occupy Wall Street or Just End the Fed?

The following debate is a fictional exchange between two people who are discussing the Occupy Wall Street situation as well as the issues that our financial system has been facing in the past decade. […]

Using A Personal Cash Flow Statement To Track Finances

They say that cash is king. The income statement and balance sheet are the granddaddies of financial statements, but it’s the cash flow statement that determines if you can pay your bills in the short term. […]

How & Where To Find Business Opportunities

Sometime ago, I was a company employee and whenever someone talked to me about business, I would only be mildly interested, preferring to think about ways I could impress my boss and propel myself higher up the company ladder. […]

Save Money On Concert & Event Tickets

Back when someone I knew worked at an arena, I was able to score tickets to basketball games, exciting concerts and children’s events for free or at a low price. Unfortunately, my connection has decided to move on, so like everyone else, I’m now subjected to ticket shock whenever I’m out looking for event tickets. […]

8 Different Ways To Diversify And Manage Stock Market Risk

So you’ve opened an account with a stock broker. What’s next? Some say that we should spread our eggs across many baskets. Some say that we should put all our eggs in just one basket… and watch it carefully. So which is the best advice? […]

Quotestream Review: A Real Time Stock Quote Web Service

Do you ever wonder where investors get their market and quote data? If you’re a hard core stock trader, you know that being a member of the trading club requires that you have at least two computer screens on your desk, with one showing and tracking streaming market data during all open market hours. […]