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Trade Your Home Through A Home Swapping Service

This house for trade! Image from Best House Swap A while back, we talked about what you can do if your house won’t sell. Well, if you’re running out of ideas, maybe you can try this one: I saw this story on my local news site, and I thought it was pretty cool. Now that the real estate market has slowed down from its once frenzied pace, selling a house has been harder to do. […]

Should You Earn A College Degree?

This is a guest post from Grant Baldwin, the author of Reality Check, a book about helping students transition into the real world. His new website,, answers questions from teenagers about personal finance, savings, and all things money. This series “12 Things Every Teenager Needs To Know About Money (And How To Teach Them)” is a community blog experience. […]

Name Your Price With Priceline: Get A Bargain Vacation

In tough economic times, one of the first industries to take a hit is the travel industry. Trips to Disney World and Caribbean cruises seem a bit frivolous to most people when they’re looking at a 30% - 50% decline in the value of their investments and/or are worried about becoming another statistic in the ever-lengthening line at the unemployment office. […]

Learning About The Blogging Business, Thanking Our Blog Readers

I wasn’t really paying much attention to this, but it suddenly caught my eye — my traffic statistics are showing me that this blog has hit an awesome milestone! […]

Chocolate Easter Eggs With A Twist! My Sweet Tooth Beckons

Happy Easter to everyone! We’re having our traditional family get together today, but I’m squeezing in this photo gallery to whet your appetite for chocolate easter eggs. Found these on AOL UK (an older post, but the eggs look so delicious!). They look sumptuous, unique and perfect for chocolate lovers who have everything. […]

Your Home Office: Ideas To Set Up Your Place of Work

Here are some of our ideas and tips on how to set up your home office. Earlier on, we shared some general pointers on how to start an online business, where we talked about how to open an eBay store or build a website or blog. This time, I thought to put together a resource list for what we’d need to equip the home office. […]

Get A Tax Refund, Pay Taxes With Plastic @ The Roundup

We’re finally going to get a tax refund this year, for the first time ever! Some good news for us this tax year. For the first time ever (that’s over 2 decades, mind you), we’re actually getting a pretty hefty tax refund. […]

Credit Card Spending Down By 10%, Our Is Down By 50%

Credit Card Debt Is Down By Almost 10% There’s a nice silver lining to this recession and credit crisis isn’t there? From the Alpha Consumer blog (US News), I read about how credit card debt has fallen close to 10% (that’s 9.7%), which is the greatest drop since 1978. Reasons for the drop in card spending? Simple, cardholders are spending less. […]

Tip’d 2.0 Features Money Articles and Other Financial Content

When Tip’d first launched a while back, I talked about this social news portal in some detail. Well the guys there have worked hard to get Tip’d growing at a great pace. A lot of my blogging peers use it often and it’s a place where you’ll find high quality financial information and articles to enjoy and learn from. […]

When Your Broker Account Has Problems

In light of what happened to Zecco last week, would you still open an account with them? My thoughts on the matter, as a former IT engineer who has worked at a top discount brokerage. I’m covering yet another brokerage, and have been focusing a bit on investment topics lately. […]