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Credit Card Statement Changes

Have you received a credit card statement yet this month? If so, did you notice anything different about it? I ask because, as of July 1, your credit card statement has to meet specific formatting guidelines laid out by the Federal Reserve. […]

How to Split the Check When Eating Out in a Group

How do you handle restaurant bills when eating with a group? This can be a sticky issue, as you don’t want to get stuck paying an unreasonable amount, but you also don’t want to come off as a cheapskate. While on our recent vacation, we went out for dinner with our extended family. In order to keep things simple and fair, we asked for separate checks for each family. […]

Mortgage Rates at Record Low, Few Refinancing

In case you haven’t been paying attention… Freddie Mac says that mortgage rates have declined to a record low of 4.57% on a 30-year fixed rate loan. Interestingly, even with these historically low rates, there hasn’t been much action. Home values are down and many homeowners are upside down, and thus unable to refinance. Others can’t qualify given the higher underwriting standards. […]

The Effect of Baby Boomer Retirements on the Stock Market

Have you ever thought about what will happen to the stock market as the Baby Boomers approach retirement and begin moving their money out of equities? I have, and I find the prospect a bit disconcerting. After all, markets are driven by supply and demand. […]

Stamp Prices: Proposed 2011 Increase

In case you haven’t heard, the US Postal Service has proposed raising stamp prices yet again. I guess we can consider ourselves lucky this time around, as we dodged the seemingly annual spring stamp price increase. This time around, they’re proposing a $0.02 increase in the price of a first class stamp ($0.44 to $0.46), effective January 2011. […]

How Much Do Kids Cost?

According to a recent report from the USDA, the average cost of raising a child from birth to age 17 for a middle income family currently stands at $222,360 (in 2009 dollars). […]

Cutting Your College Expenses

In another month or so, many students will start attending fall semester college courses. Some will be going as full-time students, hoping to graduate with their degrees as soon as possible. Some will be going part-time, balancing other obligations along with their academic responsibilities. […]

Budget Cuts, Fireworks, and the 4th of July

While skimming through the news this week, I ran across an interesting article about communities that are cutting back on, or canceling, their 4th of July fireworks displays due to budget cuts. […]

The Power of Delayed Gratification

This is a guest post from Daniel of Sweating the Big Stuff. If you like what you see here, please consider subscribing to his RSS feed. People often like to act without thinking about the consequences. While that feeling is definitely liberating, it may not be so wise. […]

Enough Excuses, Just Make it Happen

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions this year? If so, how are they working out for you? I ask because today marks the beginning of the second half of 2010, and the vast majority of people have long since broken their resolutions. To be honest, I’ve never been a big fan of New Year’s resolutions. Since they’re often overly-ambitious and ill-defined, most resolutions are doomed from the start. […]