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Sign Up for Pinecone Research Paid Surveys

This is just a quick note to say that Pinecone Research is currently accepting new applications. In case you’re not familiar with Pinecone Research, they’re a reputable paid survey company that offers a guaranteed payout of $3 per 10-15 minute survey. While $3 isn’t much, the time invested is small, so it might be worthwhile if you’re looking for ways to earn extra money. […]

How (and Why) to Roll Over Your 401(k)

Most people will work for several companies throughout their career. As you move to another company, you should be careful not to forget about your retirement investments. […]

Increased FDIC and NCUA Insurance Limits Have Been Made Permanent

On Saturday morning, I read that the number of bank failures in 2010 had climbed to 108. For the sake of comparison, “just” 69 had failed at this point last year, and bank failures peaked at 12 in 2002 as a result of our last recession. As you’re likely aware, FDIC insurance limits were increased from $100k to $250k per depositor per institution back in 2008. […]

Postponing Taxes on a Roth IRA Conversion

Have you considered converting funds from your Traditional IRA into a Roth IRA? If you’re a regular reader, you’re aware that the income limits for Roth IRA conversions went away this year. What I haven’t talked about as much are the tax consequences of such conversions. To make a long story short, you’ll have to pay taxes on any tax-deferred funds that you convert. […]

What Tinky Winky Taught Me About Money

If you’re a parent, you probably know who Tinky Winky is. He’s one of the infamous Teletubbies – those colorful little TV creatures who live in Teletubby Land, of course. You remember his friends Po, Dipsy and Laa-laa, don’t you? I knew it would all come back to you. […]

Historical Mortgage Rates

Wondering why everyone is talking about mortgage rates these days? If so, then check out this graph… This is a graph of historical mortgage rates going back to 1986. As you can see, rates on 15- and 30-year fixed rate mortgages are currently really low. Back when we bought our first house in 2002, we were paying something like 6.5% on a 30-year fixed rate mortgage. […]

Tax Deductible Moving Expenses

This is a guest post from Manuel Davis of If you like what you see here, please consider subscribing to their RSS feed. The first time you move into a new place, the entire process can be exciting and fun. […]

Chase Sapphire Preferred 25k Point Signup Bonus

As I’ve noted in the past, the credit card market has been coming back to life in recent months. As further evidence of this, the Chase Sapphire Preferred card is offering a signup bonus of 25k points. This is a solid deal, as your 25k points can be redeemed for either $250 in cash, or an airline ticket worth up to $312.50 (you get a 25% bonus when applying your points to travel). […]

Starting a Kitchen Garden

We’re chugging along through 2010, trying to meet our goals for the year. Since we’ve automated much of our finances, we’ve had some extra time to pursue other goals. Something that I’m particularly proud of is our small garden out front. […]