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Written by a man who has been meticulously recording his finances since 1997 (stored in Quicken), Five Cent Nickel is one of the oldest and most respected blogs around. This blog often provides great commentary on—and summaries of—useful financial tips featured by other publications. If you’re too lazy to read every little money article out there, just stop by Five Cent Nickel and get the cream of the crop.

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High-Deductible Health Insurance and Health Savings Account (HSA) Update

As long-time readers may recall, we switched from a traditional PPO health insurance plan to high deductible plan this past fall. We did this for a couple of reasons. First, it dramatically reduced our premiums. […]

Avoiding the Hedonic Treadmill: Travel vs. Stuff

The latest issue of Money Magazine has an interesting blurb from Dan Ariely, author of “Predictably Irrational” and “The Upside of Irrationality.” In it, he tackles the issue of why you don’t necessarily get more (or lasting) enjoyment from the things that you buy. “Why don’t you get more enjoyment from the things you buy? […]

How to Plan for Budget Busters

At one time or another, most of us have fallen victim to a budget buster. While you can never prepare for every possible unexpected expense, you can prepare for most of them… All it takes is a little planning. You see, the thing about unexpected expenses is – if we’re being totally honest with ourselves – they’re not really unexpected. We know they’ll comes sooner or later, right? […]

Blondes Earn More and Marry Better?

We’ve all heard that blondes have more fun, but did you know that they also tend to marry better (in a financial sense) and earn more? According to a recent article in Economic Letters, blonde women have slightly higher wages than other women despite “no systemic differences” in their qualifications. Beyond their higher earning power, blonde women marry men who earn an average of 6% more than the […]

Paying Income Tax on Your Health Benefits?

My wife recently received a mass e-mail from an acquaintance warning of a supposed healthcare-related tax hike. The e-mail referenced H.R. 3590 and stated that, starting in 2011, your employer will be required to report the total value of your employer-provided health insurance plan on your W-2 form. […]

Legislation Mandates Improved 401(k) Transparency

You may have missed this heading into Memorial Day weekend, but on Friday the House approved legislation that includes a provision to improve 401(k) transparency. This provision was part of H.R. […]

Managing and Maintaining a Home Office

One way people have coped with hard financial times is by developing an alternative stream of income. Whether you’re worried about layoffs or are looking to speed your debt reduction efforts, this can be a great way to get a leg up on things. Some people start out with something like consulting or programming from home for a few hours each day. Others do their freelance work outside their home. […]

How to Spot Counterfeit Money

Have you ever gotten stuck with a counterfeit bill? The LA Times recently ran an interesting story about a guy who cashed in a $1000 Postal Service money order and received ten $20 bills along with eight $100 bills in return. Unfortunately, all eight of the $100 bills turned out to be fake. Even worse… Once the police got involved, they confiscated the bills, and he was out $800. […]

Our House is Worth a Ton of Money – No, Really, It Is!

This is a guest post from Christian of Money Obedience. If you like what you see here, please consider subscribing to his RSS feed. Mortgage rates hit bottom again at the end of last year, which is when we started the process of refinancing our mortgage – finally. (Note: Mortgage rates are currently at the lowest point of 2010). […]