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Weekly Roundup – Disney Shanghai Edition

I just ran across an interesting article about Disney receiving the go-ahead from China’s central government to build a new theme park in Shanghai. Current estimates are that the new park will cost close to $4B and will open in five to six years. […]

How to Save Money on Vacations

In December, we’ll be celebrating our 3 year anniversary. Our little tradition so far has been taking a vacation. Since we’re getting a townhouse a month before our vacation, however, we’re scaling back a bit this year. […]

Most and Least Reliable Cars – 2009 Edition

Consumer Reports recently released their 2009 listing of the most and least reliable cars. Whenever these rankings come out, I look at them with a bit of morbid curiosity. I’m mostly interested in seeing how far down the list the domestic carmakers Looking at overall brand reliability, Japanese imports clearly rule the roost, whereas domestic brands are generally well down the list. […]

Get 100 Free Trades from OptionsHouse Brokerage

Are you in the market for a discount broker? If so, you might want to check out OptionsHouse. They’re currently offering 100 free trades for new customers. Here’s the scoop: New customers are eligible for this special offer after opening a new OptionsHouse account with a minimum of $3,000. […]

Is it Possible to Live Without Credit Cards?

As time goes by and taxpayers see less and less personal benefit from the bank bailouts, tensions are on the rise. People are starting to ask more and more questions. People are starting to question what caused all the problems we are facing today. […]

Locking in Long Term CDs in a Low Rate Environment

Interest rates are very, very low right now. On top of that, the first “rung” on our CD ladder is coming up for renewal next week. We should be rolling that money into a new five year CD, but is that a good idea given current CD rates? When we first started our CD ladder (Novemeber 2008), we bought a one, two, three, four, and five year CD. […]

Should You Skip Your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) in 2009?

Not quite a year ago, I reported that Congress was considering suspending the required minimum distribution (RMD) requirement for retirees. The reason for this is that the stock market had just collapsed, and they didn’t want retirees being forced to liquidate holdings at the bottom. While Congress ultimately acted, it was a classic case of too little, too late. […]

Tax Diversification When Investing

Taxes are a huge consideration when planning for retirement. As you’re building up your nest egg, one of the big decisions that you’ll face is whether you should put your money in a traditional, tax-deferred account or a Roth-style account. Of course, we don’t all face this dilemma. […]

Preparing for a Move

Things are moving along with regard to our new townhouse. We have approximately 5-6 weeks to get ready for our move to the new place. I’m excited and ready to leave the apartment. I thought it might be helpful to share our to-do list for others that are planning to move. I’m sure many of you have some moving tips of your own to add in the comments. […]

Schwab Mutual Funds: Ideal for Investors With Limited Means?

A common criticism of mutual funds is that many fund families have a relatively high minimum investment, often in the $1000-$3000 range. […]