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Written by a man who has been meticulously recording his finances since 1997 (stored in Quicken), Five Cent Nickel is one of the oldest and most respected blogs around. This blog often provides great commentary on—and summaries of—useful financial tips featured by other publications. If you’re too lazy to read every little money article out there, just stop by Five Cent Nickel and get the cream of the crop.

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Banks With Consistently High Interest Rates

Are you interested in earning the highest interest rate possible on your hard-earned savings without having to constantly chase rates from bank to bank? […]

How to Handle Irregular Income

It’s been a busy last couple of months, but I’m amazed at how well everything is going so far in 2010. Among other things, I just received a small windfall from my freelance and blogging business. My freelance income has otherwise been fairly steady, with some irregular income for bigger projects and other things. I try to make my irregular income go as far as possible. […]

Roth IRA as an Emergency Fund?

Building an emergency fund is one of the critical first steps to personal financial success. With that in mind, a reader named LG recently wrote in with a question about using a Roth IRA as an emergency fund: I know you’ve written a lot about emergency funds, but my question is can a Roth IRA serve as an emergency fund? At first blush, the answer seems obvious. […]

Your Investments: Seven Common Mistakes to Avoid

Barbara Marquand is a business journalist who writes for and other financial web sites. She frequently covers personal finance topics, bank industry trends, and credit card news. Even the brightest Wall Street mavens make investment errors, so don’t beat yourself up if you’ve made a financial misstep or two. […]

Show AND Tell: How to Raise Financially Responsible Kids

This is a guest post from WellHeeled of the Well Heeled Blog. If you like what you see here, please consider subscribing to her RSS feed or following her on Twitter. My earliest memory of personal finance (though I didn’t know the term at the time) was when I was in middle school. […]

How and Why to Diversify Your Income

Time and again we hear that investment diversification is a must, and rightly so. Diversifying investments – by investing in a variety of different types of index funds and/or ETFs, for example – is a wise strategy for reducing risk. In contrast, how many of us maintain a similar diversification perspective with respect to our income? […]

Best Places to Invest for Retirement

A reader named KC recently wrote in with a question about investing for retirement: I’m 28 years old with a wife and a six month old baby. We’ve always been money-conscious, but would really like to focus our efforts. We both have Roth IRAs, but are not satisfied with them. They are heavily loaded, and we weren’t that familiar with them when we were advised to set them up. […]

Four Good Ways to Maintain Good Savings Habits After the Recession

This is a guest post from Richard Barrington, who is a banking analyst for Richard previously spent over twenty years as an investment industry executive. Many people got religion about saving money during the recent recession. This reversed a trend of steadily climbing U.S. […]

Saving Money on Car Insurance?

Our homeowners insurance (and now life insurance) agent gave called last week. He wanted to see if we would let him price an auto insurance policy for us as “rates have gotten more competitive.” He seems determined to get us to use him for all our insurance needs. I told him that would be fine; we’re always trying to get a good deal. […]

How to Handle a Missing W-2 Form

This is a guest post from Jim at Bargaineering. If you like what you see here, please consider subscribing to his RSS feed. If you haven’t yet received your W-2 form, which reports your wages for the past year, chances are the post office monster ate it. […]