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Written by a man who has been meticulously recording his finances since 1997 (stored in Quicken), Five Cent Nickel is one of the oldest and most respected blogs around. This blog often provides great commentary on—and summaries of—useful financial tips featured by other publications. If you’re too lazy to read every little money article out there, just stop by Five Cent Nickel and get the cream of the crop.

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Cash for Clunkers – Ending Soon

Have you been thinking about taking advantage of the Cash for Clunkers program? If so, you’d better hurry… Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has announced that the program will end at 8PM on Monday due to dwindling funds. This program has been a mixed blessing for the auto industry. […]

How to Deal With a Bad Deal

Have you ever paid in advance for a service you had yet to receive, only to get screwed over in the end? Those of us who have been on the short side of this stick know that it’s never a fun experience! Fruh-strey-shun! As some of you already know, my wife and I have been a one car couple for over 8 months now. After an auto accident, my 2001 Jeep Cherokee was hurtin’ for certain. […]

Preserving the Harvest

This is a guest post from SD Guy of If you like what you see here, please consider subscribing to his RSS feed. Depending on where you live and when you planted your garden, you’ve most likely been enjoying the fruits of your labor. […]

Purchasing a Home: Examining the Costs

This past weekend my husband and I decided which townhouse we want to buy. After working the numbers, looking at different properties, and going through the options, we’ve signed a purchasing agreement on a property at a new development. Since this is our first time buying a home, we wanted to be as thorough as possible. After all, this is a huge commitment. […]

Get Cheap Car Rentals From Priceline (or Hotwire)

By the time most of you read this, I’ll be airborne. I’m heading out for a short work-related trip, and will be renting a car at the other end. Unfortunately, I waited until the last minute to book a car rental, and the rates were atrocious. According to Kayak (my overall favorite travel site) the best I could do was $149/day for a full-sized car. […]

Avoid Lifestyle Inflation: Create an Artificial Sense of Scarcity

Lifestyle inflation is a huge threat to your financial well-being. Unless you’re exceptionally well-disciplined, it’s very difficult to keep your spending from increasing in lockstep with your earnings. The primary reason for this is that gradual increases in your income/spending are, more often than not, barely perceptible from one year to the next. […]

Lending Club – July 2009 Performance

Time for another Lending Club performance update… As of today, I’m enjoying a 12.50% net annualized return on my investments. In addition to my “High Risk” and “Low Risk” test portfolios, I’ve been investing additional funds in a “catchall” portfolio. […]

Motivation to Reduce Debt

I have just one goal today… To motivate you to attack and reduce your debts. Debt sucks bad! For some of us, this simple statement is all the encouragement we need. We’re fed up with our situation, and are ready to spring into action. Personally, I could just stop writing now, having already motivated myself to continue my passionate and fiery Debt Free Adventure. What about you? […]

Can We Take Frugality Too Far?

This is a guest post from Kevin Mercadante of Out of Your Rut. Kevin is also author of Lighten Your Load, an e-book focused on reducing expenses while still maintaining a comfortable lifestyle. At the risk accused of heresy, I’d like to open up a discussion of — for lack of a better description — frugality’s darker side. […]

Bank Overdraft Fees at All-Time High

Did anyone else see today’s headline about bank overdraft fees? According to a recent report, U.S. banks are on pace to collect $38.5 billion worth of overdraft fees this year. Can that number be right? […]