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Written by a man who has been meticulously recording his finances since 1997 (stored in Quicken), Five Cent Nickel is one of the oldest and most respected blogs around. This blog often provides great commentary on—and summaries of—useful financial tips featured by other publications. If you’re too lazy to read every little money article out there, just stop by Five Cent Nickel and get the cream of the crop.

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Lending Club Review and Account Opening Process

Peer-to-peer lending has become increasingly popular in recent years. In fact, the Harvard Business Review named it as one of their “breakout ideas” of 2009. While I’ve long been a skeptic of this sort of thing, I ultimately gave in and decided to find out what all the hype was about. Earlier this spring, I opened an account with Lending Club, and I’ve since started lending out money. […]

Off the Grid and Into the Future

Last week, while busily bullet-pointing how to prepare for a power outage, I noted that my wife and I were considering going “off the grid” one day a week as a way to save a bit of money and to spend more quality time together. Although my wife thought it was a great idea at the time, she grew skeptical a week later when it was time to throw the breakers. […]

Weekly Roundup - Massive Failure Edition

Remember that $300B program called “Hope for Homeowners” that was supposed to ease the foreclosure crisis by encouraging lenders to write down mortgages? […]

Risk Tolerance vs. Risk Capacity

When determining your ideal asset allocation, it’s important to balance your risk tolerance with your risk capacity. As similar as these terms sound, they’re actually quite different. What is risk? For starters, the term ‘risk’ refers to the probability that an action or event will negatively or positively impact your ability to achieve your objectives. […]

Do You Care About Your Credit Score?

As a followup to yesterday’s post about, I wanted to open up a discussion about whether or not you care about your credit score. On the one hand, I’ve written extensively about why you should care about your credit score… Like it or not, your credit score does matter, even if you don’t intend to borrow money. […]

It’s Never Too Late to Start Fixing Your Finances

I recently ran across an interesting article about a Free Money Finance reader who has a tremendous amount of student loan and credit card debt and isn’t sure how to handle it. […]

How to Haggle: More Tips on Haggling

Since we’ve been on the subject of haggling for a better deal, I thought I’d highlight some lessons from an old article that I recently ran across. […]

Is a Scam?

“F-R-E-E that spells FREE, credit report dot com, bay-bee!” Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard that jingle a bazillion times. — sounds great, right? Just sign up and get a free credit report as well as a free credit score. But is it really free? Or is it some sort of scam? […]

Four Years of FiveCentNickel

Wow. I can’t believe that I almost forgot about this, but… Today is FiveCentNickel’s fourth birthday. […]

How to Haggle

As a followup to this week’s article about negotiating to reduce your bills, I wanted to point out an interesting piece on haggling when shopping. […]