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Written by a man who has been meticulously recording his finances since 1997 (stored in Quicken), Five Cent Nickel is one of the oldest and most respected blogs around. This blog often provides great commentary on—and summaries of—useful financial tips featured by other publications. If you’re too lazy to read every little money article out there, just stop by Five Cent Nickel and get the cream of the crop.

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The Twitter IPO: Should you buy?

Unless you live under a rock, you probably heard that Twitter just had its IPO. In English, that means you can now, for the first time, buy its stock on a stock exchange. Mere mortals (those without the insider connections to get the stock at its $26 official listing price) had to buy at an opening price of $45. […]

Why I think of money at Thanksgiving

Don’t worry — this article isn’t going to be as cynical as that title may sound. I don’t even think my sentiments are especially materialistic. However, I do think handling money the right way is one of the most important things one can do for one’s family, and thinking of it that way sets me down a path which leads to several Thanksgiving-related themes. […]

Psychology of Black Friday: Motivation behind the pursuit of deals

Planning done, lists itemized, tasks assigned, routes all mapped out and the game plan is ready to go. I am not talking about a military operation; I am talking about one of the most popular retail holidays in the US - Black Friday, a day when seemingly rational people go mad in the pursuit of deals. Last year, 247 million shoppers visited stores and websites on Black Friday weekend. […]

The two-word secret to personal finance success

It wasn’t long ago I suggested in this space there was a one-word reason for the colossal indebtedness of Americans. That word, I ventured, was “supersize.” By supersizing everything from combo meals to homes and cars, folks nationwide were ensuring they’d suffer supersized debt burdens and super-slender savings, I wrote. […]

VA loans – Understanding occupancy requirements

This post comes from Amanda Pallay at our partner site Most veterans say that some of the more confusing aspects of qualifying for a VA loan are the occupancy requirements. This usually stems from when a service member gets their PCS orders and has to move. Will they be able to rent the house? Will they be able to get a second VA loan at their new location? […]

Income inequality: Whose side are you on?

Sometimes you just get a feeling something is wrong. You can’t put your finger on it, but you know, you just know, something is not right. Maybe you see something and wonder if you’re seeing it right. Then someone else mentions the same thing, confirming what you suspected. Then you read about in a news report or a blog post. […]

4 retirement saving mind games

I was reading recently about endurance swimmer Diana Nyad’s feat of becoming the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida. The physical details of what she went through are mind-boggling, but what struck me also was the psychological element. […]

Investing 101 for first-time investors

This post comes from Stephanie Halligan at our partner site “You want me to do what with my money?” It’s a natural response from millennials when told they should start investing while their young. […]

Frugal and fetching

One of the legendary figures of my high school years was a teacher named Mr. Canova. A burly, balding, faintly simian-looking dude, he was someone you didn’t want to tangle with in a dark alley, or in the brightly-lit classroom where he presided over a senior-year course called Problems of Democracy. A big reason he was legendary was his unpredictable nature. […]

What a trip around the world taught me about money

This post comes from Jen Smialek at our partner site For the past five weeks, I’ve been fortunate enough to realize one of my wildest dreams: Taking a trip around the world. A whirlwind tour due to various professional and personal responsibilities, I flew over 30,000 miles and visited 13 different countries in the span of 40 days. […]