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Do You Have Any 2017 Vacation Plans?

This is the time of year when I've had enough of winter and begin thinking of getting away. We had originally planned to take a cruise last month, but both of our kids got new jobs and couldn't afford the time off. So instead, we're staying home. We do live in Colorado and hope to hit the ski slopes sometime this month, but other than that, we have no winter vacation plans. Somewhat on the rad […]

Mobile Moolah: How to Make Money Using Your Mobile Phone

This post is from FMF contributor Peter Shannon. With the ringing in of a New Year, people are setting their resolutions for 2017 with many focusing their efforts on improving upon their financial outlook. One way in which they can increase their income is to use their mobile phones. Locket This app pays you for using your phone’s home screen as an advertising space. […]

Star Money Articles for the Week of January 23

Welcome to this week's edition of Star Money Articles. Barbara Friedberg gives the recipe behind a housewife’s 1,000% stock market return. Retirement Stewardship asks if an “early” retirement is good stewardship. Physician on Fire says he's just an average guy. Ideal REI lists three steps to find a great property manager. ESI Money has an interview with a millionaire. Debt Free Guys list 65 […]

Successful People Share Smartest Thing They've Done with Money

Business Insider posts on nine successful people. They list the smartest things they're ever done with their money. The list: Build an emergency fund. Pay yourself first. Invest in real estate. Bought a computer (which led to a career). Invested in ideas. Made my money work for me. Started a business. Lived below my means. Invested in myself. It's a pretty good list. […]

Do You Have Multiple Streams of Income?

Here's an interesting comment from Rich Habits about the wealthy having multiple streams of income: Multiple streams of income, therefore, are a common denominator in building wealth. If you want to become rich, you must create multiple streams of income. That’s what self-made millionaires do. […]

Five Fun Things to do When You Retire

This post is from FMF contributor Peter Shannon. As we come to the end of our working lives, the prospect of having some time to ourselves can be exciting. Many look forward to living out their dreams without career or financial constraints. […]

Boost Your Personal Finances Online

This post is from FMF contributor Peter Shannon. After all the excitement and celebrations of Christmas and the New Year, January can be a month that leaves many people feeling rather flat. And it’s not just our moods that could do with a lift, it’s or finances too after all the expense of the festive season. […]

Sears Dying a Death They Deserve

This will be short and sweet today. First, here's some news from CNN: [Sears] lost $748 million in the most recent quarter, up from the $454 million loss in the year-ago period. Revenue tumbled 12.5%, due to both the store closings and a 7% drop in sales at the stores that remained open. Hollar acknowledged that the company has "fallen short" of its own turnaround plans. […]