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Turns Out Giving Does Make You Wealthier (and Happier)

For those of you new to Free Money Finance, I post on The Bible and Money every Sunday. Here's why. I recently asked whether or not giving makes you wealthier. Turns out it does (makes you happier too -- and boasts lots of other benefits as well.) This piece details a series of studies from a professor at BYU. […]

Why We Buy

Here are some interesting thoughts from Stop Acting Rich: ...And Start Living Like A Real Millionaire: Why do so many people hyperspend? Prior to the economic reversals we have recently encountered, most people had similar sets of beliefs about the positive relationship between spending on products and happiness. […]

Are You Affluent?

Here are some interesting thoughts from Stop Acting Rich: ...And Start Living Like A Real Millionaire on how to determine whether or not your net worth is as high as it should be: Simply stated, your net worth [augmented -- assets minus liabilities] should equal 10 percent of your age times your annual realized household income (0.10 x age x income = expected net worth.) If your actual net wort […]

Star Money Articles and Carnivals for the Week of Nov 23

For weekday updates of what I find to be some of the most interesting personal finance articles on the web, follow me on Twitter. […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Just want to wish you and your family a blessed and very happy Thanksgiving. May we all take a break from talking about money and focus on the things that really make us thankful. Here's my list -- still the same after two years (except maybe the KFC part.) ;-) The site will have a couple (at most) posts tomorrow (at least that's how I'm planning it) and one each day this weekend. […]

Your Money Habits Will Influence Your Children's Money Habits

Here are some interesting thoughts from Stop Acting Rich: ...And Start Living Like A Real Millionaire where he talks about the impact parents have on the money habits of their children: In America, it is not at all unusual for children from modest means to become high-income-producing adults. Then they are fooled into thinking that all those with the means to do hyperconsume. They are wrong. […]

Do You Use Non-Reward Credit Card Perks?

Here's a piece from Smart Money that lists six credit card perks and what they're worth as follows: 1. Auto rental collision damage waiver. Value: $10-$12 to $18-$20 a day. 2. Extended warranty. Value: $15 to $270. 3. Purchase protection. Value: Refunds limited to $300 (American Express), $500 (VISA) or $1,000 (MasterCard) per item. 4. Lost luggage reimbursement. Value: Up to $180. 5. […]

Are You Tipping This Holiday Season?

Consumer Reports took a survey in 2008 that listed what people tipped the various service people in their lives. They ended up with some very interesting information -- what percent gave no gift at all, how many gave cash (or cash equivalent), how many gave a gift, and the value of the gift they gave. […]

Why Many Homeowners are Having a Tough Time

Here are some interesting thoughts from the preface of Stop Acting Rich: ...And Start Living Like A Real Millionaire: The reason why so many homeowners today are having a difficult time making ends meet goes way beyond mortgage payments. When you trade up to a more expensive home, there is pressure for you to spend more on every conceivable product and service. […]

How to Regift

Consumer Reports lists six steps for regifting the right way as follows: Ensure the gift is something you really can give again. Check the condition. Consider the gift's desirability. Think: Can you get away with it? Wrap it up nice. Explore other options. We're regifters, though I realize not everyone is. That said, regifting isn't something only a few people do. […]