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8 Questions to Determine the Health of Your Network

I've talked a lot about growing and developing your network as part of managing your career, but I had never seen anything that helped determine whether or not your networking efforts were doing any good. Then I ran into this piece from Yahoo that lists eight questions that determine the health of your network. They are: 1. How many former co-workers' contact information do you have? 2. […]

Why Do Some Wealthy People End Up Broke?

US News covers the recent Annie Leibovitz debt problem that I highlighted awhile back. At the end of the piece they grapple with the question of why so many famous, high-earners spend so much more than they earn and eventually go broke: In all three cases, the celebrities in question spent far more than they earned, and eventually, those habits caught up with them. […]

The Best Way to Make Your Resume Stand Out

In response to my post titled Which is Best for a Resume?, one reader asked this question: The bigger question to me is this: how to get your resume noticed, and how to keep it from ending up on the "resume pile of death" with the other 500 resumes the company has just received. I think you can make a big impact by how you deliver or package your resume. Get creative. […]

Ten Things College Students Don't Need

Kiplinger lists ten things college students don't need as follows: New textbooks. A high-end laptop or desktop computer. Printer. Cable TV. A car. A credit card. ATM fees. Campus health insurance. Big meal plan. Private loans. This list seems reasonable to me. […]

Consider All Options When Trying to Save Money

Here's an interesting money-saving story that I thought you all would appreciate. A few weeks ago we took a vacation to see the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village (jointly owned attractions that are next door to each other.) As you might imagine, there are various ways you can pay to see these attractions and we went through them all. […]

Reminder: Check Your Medical Bills for Accuracy

No wonder medical care is so expensive in the US -- billing extra and extravagantly seems to be the norm. That's why you ALWAYS need to check your medical bills as soon as you receive them and before you pay them. Here's another example of why from MSNBC's Red Tape Chronicles: Billing errors are common, experts say. […]

12 Critical Things Your Family Needs to Know

The following is a guest post from Mark Gavagan, author of 12 Critical Things Your Family Needs to Know, a quick and easy-to-use tool for organizing your life and getting your personal & financial affairs in order. My father died unexpectedly in March of 2003.  He was 67 years old. Fortunately, we knew he wanted to be cremated, followed by a small graveside service. […]

Always Do the Math

We recently joined a very nice local pool (near our home, at an area high school, Olympic-sized pool with a smaller, warm-water pool too, inside, etc.) We had been going there quite a bit over a two-week period (at $6.50 a pop for our family) and decided we'd take the plunge on a membership to save ourselves money. […]

Cheap Home Security Options

Our neighborhood homeowner's association has a Yahoo group where neighbors post everything from party-at-the-park announcements to ideas on how to handle speeders in the neighborhood. A couple weeks ago, someone posted that there were a series of thefts in our area. […]