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Net Worth for the US House of Representatives

Check this out -- it's a list of the net worth of every US House Representative. Quite interesting indeed!!! Two things to note as you look at the list: There's wiggle room. When members of the House file their financial disclosure, they are only required to report approximately how much they have/owe in each account. […]

Why a High Income Often Doesn't Translate into a High Net Worth

Here are some interesting thoughts from Stop Acting Rich: ...And Start Living Like A Real Millionaire on why a high income doesn't often translate into a high net worth: Within the high-income population, occupational status is negatively correlated with net worth. How can this be possible, given the fact that people with high occupational status tend to generate high incomes? […]

Help Me Decide the Best of 2009 -- Your Vote Counts!!!

As many of you know, in addition to Free Money Finance I run a blog carnival that's called the Best of Money Carnival. In order to encourage both hosts and participants to be part of this event, I promised to donate $1,000 to the favorite charity of 2009's best carnival winning post and best host. And now it's time to decide who the winners are. […]

Worth Trying?

In a piece about personal loans making a comeback, SmartMoney says the following: Peer-to-peer, or p2p, lending web sites like and enable consumers to be both borrowers and lenders. […]

Did/Will You Get a Bonus This Year?

With the economy in the dumper, it's likely that there will be fewer bonuses this year than in most years in the past. That said, I'm sure some of you out there will be receiving one, so it's not a wasted post to talk about them. So, let me ask all of you the following: Did (or will) you get a bonus this year? If so, what will you do with it? […]

Win a Free Copy of You Need a Budget!

I am giving away a copy of You Need a Budget! We'll start with a testimony from a YNAB user. Here goes: “16 months after starting YNAB, I am debt free (since the 7 month mark). I have no credit cards and am just shy of $7,000 in the bank.” Good stuff, huh? Here's how the giveaway will work: 1. All you need to do to enter is to leave any comment on this post. […]

Help a Reader: How to Invest

Here's an email I recently received from a reader: I think I'm doing fairly well with my personal finances but I'm also still very uncertain about them.  I think my main problem is that I'm not sure how much risk I am willing to take on, and I'm not certain about what I want to do with my money in the future. I am 24 and graduated from college and started working full time in January 2008.  My […]

How's Your Holiday Spending This Year?

A recent poll in USA Today asked what holiday shoppers are planning on spending this year. The results: 11% said they were going to spend more than in 2008 59% said they were going to spend the same as in 2008 30% said they were going to spend less than in 2008 Personally, we're planning on spending about the same as last year. […]

The Worst Money Stories I've Heard

About 15 years ago or so my wife and I became financial "coaches" for a church-based organization designed to help people having financial trouble. […]

Best of Money Carnival Now Available

Just a note to let you know that this week's Best of Money Carnival is now up. If you're looking for 10 great personal finance posts, be sure to check it out! […]