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July Winners Named

Just wanted to let everyone know that I just named the winners of my July newsletter giveaways. People won Arby's Roastburgers and a $50 gift card from SmartyPig. I named the winners on each post (be sure to go to the very last page of comments on each of the preceding links -- Typepad only allows 50 comments per page) if you want to see the winners. […]

Your Job, Your Investments, and Total Diversification

The following is a guest post from Vik Tantry, the voice behind Kanjoh, a directory of free videos explaining the fundamentals of asset allocation, personal finance, and banking. The thoughts below are interesting concepts, similar to what I've shared in This Seems Like a Bad Idea to Me and Ouch! […]

Why Do People Do This?

A few weeks ago we went out to look at potential new homes. The last one we saw that day was a foreclosure. On paper it seemed like it might be a good deal -- decent size, only a few years old, lots of land. Our agent told us that the selling agent had said the kitchen cabinets had been taken out and we've seen foreclosures before so we knew it could be rough. […]

Star Money Articles and Carnivals for the Week of July 27

For weekday updates of what I find to be some of the most interesting personal finance articles on the web, follow me on Twitter. […]

Free Money Finance Recognized by the Wall Street Journal

Just found out that the Wall Street Journal has listed Free Money Finance as one of "a handful of good personal finance blogs." Their quote about this site: The site aims to offer plain-English money advice as it helps readers increase their net worth. The blog presents a mix of book excerpts and tips on saving and investing. […]

Why Even Ask?

A couple weeks ago we were out and about and decided to make a quick run to Walmart to get a few things. […]

Seven Termites That Eat Your 401(k)

The following is a guest post from Marotta Wealth Management. FYI, the seven termites eating your 401k are: 1. Wrap fees, 2. Subtransfer agency fees, 3. Mortality and expense fees, 4. 12(b)1 fees, 5. Share class, 6. Portfolio turnover, and 7. Market timing. According to a Dalbar Financial Services study that tracks investor returns, from 1989 to 2008 the S&P 500 yielded 8.35% annually. […]

Thoughts on Niagara Falls

We recently took a trip to Niagara Falls since it was close to some family that we were visiting anyway. Here are some of my random thoughts and conclusions from the experience: We stayed on the Canadian side of the falls since everyone we talked to said it was much better than the American side. […]

Help a Reader: Buying a New House

Here's a question a reader left as a comment on my post titled The Cost of a New Home: I am in a boat somewhat similar to yours. My wife and I live in a good house on a great street in an awesome location. The problem is the school system is terrible. We just had our first and possibly only child (daughter). There is no way we will send her to public school in this area. […]