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How to Regift

Consumer Reports lists six steps for regifting the right way as follows: Ensure the gift is something you really can give again. Check the condition. Consider the gift's desirability. Think: Can you get away with it? Wrap it up nice. Explore other options. We're regifters, though I realize not everyone is. That said, regifting isn't something only a few people do. […]

Preparing For The Death Tax Debate

This post is part of the one day blog event “The Spectrum of Personal Finance.”  In this event, Brian of My Next Buck, will discuss 8 different emotions and relate them to personal finance.  Here at Free Money Finance we will be looking at Death. […]

Rich People Know that Things Don't Satisfy

Here are some interesting thoughts from the preface of Stop Acting Rich: ...And Start Living Like A Real Millionaire. Let's start with a short summary of what the book is about: [In this book] I detail why so many people who are not rich hyperspend on luxuries. Often they think that collecting these expensive toys will enhance their overall satisfaction with life. […]

2010 Roth Conversion: Factors to Consider Before Making a Decision

The following is a guest post by Bryan Olson, CFA, Vice President, Head of Portfolio Consulting for Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. For more than a decade, Roth IRAs have been offering investors a number of benefits generally including tax free growth in earnings, tax free withdrawals assuming you begin your withdrawals after the age of 59 1/2 and have held the Roth account for the minimum five-year h […]

Best of Money Carnival Now Up

Here's my weekly note that the latest Best of Money Carnival is up. Congrats to all participants and especially the winning post, The X-Men Guide To Unlocking Your Financial Mutant Powers. I made the carnival as well with a guest post titled Steps To Grow Your Net Worth When You Don't Make A Six Figure Income (though if you follow my advice you can earn six figures.) ;-) […]

Americans Still Not Ready for Retirement

Here's some information that's a good follow-up to our discussion about Americans not being ready for retirement. We'll start with a summary of how most people fund their retirement. Americans typically build retirement savings in three ways, says Laibson. For all of us, our required contributions to Social Security will provide a guaranteed monthly check. […]

How Much is Too Much for a Church Building?

For those of you new to Free Money Finance, I post on The Bible and Money every Sunday. Here's why. Today we have a guest post from Money Help for Christians. […]

Know Your Rights Against Debt Collectors

The following is a guest post from Kathryn Katz, an avid cat lover, single mom, internet marketer and professional copywriter. Kathryn is a Certified Personal Finance Counselor and works for Consolidated Credit Counseling Services. Many consumers have suffered from financial difficulties during the recession. […]

What Real Millionaires Do

I'm done reading my copy of Stop Acting Rich: ...And Start Living Like A Real Millionaire and I'll be posting a bit on it here and there. But for now I wanted to share a general overview of the book's findings  regarding what real millionaires do: Dr. […]

Five Steps to Six Figures in Seven Years

Here is a piece I originally wrote for Get Rich Slowly. It's only slightly different than the version there (this version has no comments or editting from JD -- though his additions probably made the piece better.) ;-) Historically, "making six figures" has been to income earners what "becoming a millionaire" has been for those tracking their net worths -- a lofty goal achieved by only a select fe […]