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Help a Reader: What to Charge as a Babysitter

Here's a question left recently by a reader on an older post of mine: My neighbor wants me to start babysitting her nine month old. She works unusual hours: Monday - Friday he'd be at my house 6am - 1 pm and then 2pm - 8pm. and then 10 hours on Saturday. Is 90$ a week fair? I'm 16 by the way, but I don't just sit the kid in front of the TV; we read books, go to the park, take walks, or paint. […]

Help a Reader: Buying Gold Coins

Here's a question I recently received from a reader: I'm a young professional doing pretty good. I'm 26 and still single and my only debt is about 1000 grand of student loan. Anyways, I am trying to start my life right and do everything right.  My question is I want to buy some gold coins. I don't know if you ever bought some before. […]

Great Deal -- Hurry!!!

Just saw this offer on the sidebar of my blog -- in the Amazon widget. It's a great deal on a ladies watch -- usually almost $700 and now only just over $100! […]

How You Grow Your Income by 10% or More a Year

In my post titled Maximizing Your Greatest Asset: Why Your Career is So Important, I reviewed some scenarios where a person increased his salary 3%, 5%, 7.5%, and 10%. In posts like this I often get a comment along the lines of, "These percentages are not realistic. No one today earns 10% salary increases every year." Maybe, maybe not. […]

Top Ten Mistakes Candidates Make in an Initial Interview

The following is excerpted with permission from Acing the Interview: How to Ask and Answer the Questions That Will Get You the Job by Tony Beshara (AMACOM 2008). Top ten mistakes candidates make in an initial interview: 1. They forget that this is a selling situation… and don’t ask for the job. […]

Help a Reader: Me Again

Ok, I need some help again. We've decided that we're getting a new (bigger) TV. It's been about 15 years since we purchased our last one, so it's time for an upgrade. We've done our research (both with Consumer reports as well as looking at options in stores) and there seems to be a TON of conflicting information/opinions our there. […]

My Jobs, College

The other day I listed all the jobs I held in high school and detailed what I learned from them. Today I want to continue this series by sharing the jobs I held while in college. As a freshman, I worked in the library as part of a work-study program. It was a simple job and for only eight hours a week. […]

Best of Money Carnival #6

Just wanted to let you all know that the Best of Money Carnival is up this morning at Bible Money Matters. It includes the top ten personal finance posts of the past week -- great reading for those of you looking for "the best of the best." Congrats to all participants and especially the winning post, Powerful Ways to Improve Your Life. […]

Do You Dread Mondays?

I remember the feeling all too well. Sunday around 6 pm or so the dread would start creeping in -- only a few hours left before I went to bed and another work week started the next morning. […]

What Christians Believe about Giving

For those of you new to Free Money Finance, I post on The Bible and Money every Sunday. Here's why. This piece on the relationship between the welfare state and Christianity contains some good stats on what Christians believe about giving. […]